Cute, Cropped and Confident

Oh Hey Midriff, we see you!
With the winter upon us, we tend to store away the summer clothes for the season, but this year, there’s no need. No it isn’t because of weather, but because of our one favorite style trick….Layering.
Layering our favorite crop-tops is a sure thing to keeping our wardrobes to a minimum and getting the most our of our favorites styles all year long. Paired with a perfect trench coat for the fall months, or a heavy-weight bomber for the winter months, we can style these pieces season to season. Fashion Nova has some amazing wardrobe essentials and with the temperature dropping, we are ready to layer to warmth in the most fashionable way possible.


Check out the Fashion Nova favorite crop tops before it’s too late:
+ Olive Oil Top
+ Cozy Up
+ Channi Top
+ Tilly Top
+ Smooth Over
+ Dionne Top
+ Affair To Remember Top
+ Larissa Top

Need a new style or look? Be sure to check out our newest arrivals HERE and keep up to date via Instagram + Twitter for the latest Fashion Nova news!

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