LISTEN UP: ‘4 Your Eyez Only’

A guy who goes platinum with no features is a guy you expect to take you lyrically higher each time his beat drops. J. Cole dropped 4 Your Eyez Only in early December, and it has already landed on numerous musical charts.

J. ColeThe storyline of the album was intimate yet raw, which was called for since the album was indirectly dedicated to his friend’s daughter. It was a gateway of untold stories that may have answered pending questions in the past. As you listen to the album from start to finish you’ll understand the imagery of the father-daughter relationship that was faulted to a dark lifestyle on the streets.

The actual single, 4 Your Eyes Only truly showed remorse and seeked forgiveness. It becomes completely clear that his friend knew his time was coming to an end. With his blessing,  J. Cole moved forward by telling his story through music to his daughter.

What would you rate this album on a scale of 1-10? Let us know below!

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