Favorite Love Stories: Fashion Nova’s Social Media Team

Happy Valentine’s Day NovaBabes! If you’re all boo’d up for this particular holiday, good for you. If not, the Social Media team has got you covered with an impressive list of movies to watch with your cat or with your favorite bottle of wine.

Fabi: Titanic

Leonardo DiCaprio and Celine Dion, enough said!  But, I love everything about that movie. The time period, the costume design, the age-old story of two star-crossed lovers. And in case you missed it before, Leonardo DiCaprio is bae. Very much bae.


Ashley, Stephanie & Nicole: The Notebook

Cause we’re just cheesy like that!


Dominique: Walk The Line

Name a duo more iconic than Johnny Cash & June Carter…I’ll Wait!


Kat: The Other Sister

Love is a universal language! This movie proves that there is somebody for everybody. They were vulnerable, shameless and most importantly honest. That my friends is called true love.


Anne Marie: W.E.

It depicted what love truly is within a relationship.

Kim: Love & Other Drugs

This is the epitome of “In sickness and in health” and they weren’t even married! Flaws and all they still found love.


Cali: The Proposal

I love this movie because the love was where they least expected it. Literally right in front of them.



Claudia: How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

I mean… C’MON, Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. Need I say more?! They always make magic in movies together. Okay, I’ll stop; but seriously, not only do I love the story line.  This really is me and my relationship right now.


Alyssa B: Odd Thomas 

If full fledged romance is not your thing then Odd Thomas may be the V Day flick for you. Odd, played by the late Anton Yelchin defends his small town from unseen forces with a cocktail of special abilities and his fearless soul mate. This romance/thriller is a gripping tale that will unapologetically take you across the emotional spectrum.


Alyssa I: P.S. I Love You

I love the movie because it shows how much he (Gerard Butler) really loved his wife. He knew he was dying and that his wife would be lonely. Planning letters and gifts a year ahead of time is the most selfless thing ever. If that’s not true love I don’t know what is.


Christian: Just Wright

She lands her dream job and fell in love with a basketball player she thought she’ll never have a chance with. He ended up falling in love with the woman she was. I just love the way the movie shows that you can literally end up with the person that’s perfect for you. Never give up on what your heart wants. You are worth being with the person your heart skips a beat for. ❤

just wrighjt.gif

Did we miss any? Add your favorites below.

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