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Pisces Season Novascopes

Pisces SZN is here! Let's go ahead and breathe a collective sigh of relief because, wow, this year got off to quite a start, didn't it? We're so grateful for this cosmic time to relax, de-stress, spend more time practicing self-care, and realigning our intentions for the rest of the year. Keep reading to see what's in store for your sign this month and how you can focus on being more zen! 

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Relaxation is this month and season’s order of business, Aries. Yet it’s not a word you’re familiar with, is it? You love to go full speed ahead no matter what you’re doing, and taking time to unwind feels like you’re being lazy. You’re not, though! Even race cars need to stop and refuel in the middle of a race. Right? Think of yourself as a sexy race car who just needs a moment to itself. You’ll be going full speed ahead again soon.

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Taurus, you work hard and play hard, but lately, you haven’t been playing at all. Even on the weekends, you’re on your grind, because you’re the type who likes to get things done. Embrace the chill mode of Pisces SZN and go out and play a little. Maybe that means making more time for your significant other, taking it easier at work, or getting back into those hobbies you love. Whatever self-care means to you, just make sure you are doing it with the same energy as you tackle your other goals.

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We think even you can admit to yourself, Gemini, that you’ve been neglecting your love life. Maybe the past year has been too much drama, and just the mere thought of worrying about finding a partner, or getting closer to your current partner, is too exhausting. For single Geminis, it’s time to shrug off the apathy and make more of an effort to get out there. For taken Geminis, it’s a good idea to try spicing things up with your partner RN. Life is all about balance, so make sure your personal life is on the same level with your professional life.

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Cancer, you just keep smashing your goals this year. That doesn’t mean they’re easy, though. You’re succeeding because you promised yourself you would, and so far you’re crushing it in your professional fields, whether that be work or school, or both. We’re proud of you! However, we still want to let you know that it’s okay if you want to take a breather. If you go too hard, eventually your body will give you little cues to stop. Before it gets to that point, carve aside some time each day just for yourself (like indulging in a bath or lighting candles in your room and listening to music).

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Hey, Leo, ready to chill? Superstars like you never are. Like fellow Leos, you’re ALWAYS on the go. You got things to do and a million business and creative ventures to run. So, yeah, you hate to slow down, but this season is all about taking it slow. It doesn’t mean you have to neglect your work, but maybe you can delegate some of your responsibilities? Think about it, Leo. It’ll do you a lot of good to chill out a bit.

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Pisces SZN couldn’t have come at a better time for you, Virgo! You’re such a busy bee always hopping from one project to the next, the concept of rest and relaxation seems foreign to you. Here’s your opportunity to slow things down, for REAL. You know the work will always be there, right? Remember, it’s crucial to take breaks. We know it isn’t really your thing, but try asking for more help when you need it this month. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you thrive in a collaborative environment.

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Libra, your 2021 has gotten off to such a solid start. Like fellow Libra superstar Cardi B, you consistently find ways to leave us all in shock and awe of everything you do! But here’s the thing: we ALL get burned out sometimes. Let the relaxed vibes of Pisces SZN motivate you to finally commit to slowing down for a self-care schedule, like getting eight hours of beauty sleep every night. After all, if you don’t get ample rest and relaxation, you'll start getting moody! And we love a happy Libra, okurrr?!

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Okay, Scorpio. We get it. You love routine and you see nothing wrong with sticking to what you’re comfortable with, especially when it comes to fashion. All black errthang is what you eat, live, sleep, and breathe in. But hear us out, don’t you think it’s time for a little change? We do! Spring is on the way, so let’s introduce some warmer neutral tones and soft pink hues that’ll brighten up your look and even your mood. The rest of the year is already looking really promising for you!

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Valentine’s Day might be behind us, but this SZN of love is just getting started for you. For a single Sagittarius, the type of energy you’ve been looking for in a partner will reveal itself to you in someone new and unexpected. For taken Sagittarius, get ready to light a romantic fire that your relationship has seriously been missing. No more throwing hints! It’s time to get bold and your partner will definitely appreciate seeing this intentional, loving, and affectionate side of you at full force.

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Does it feel like everything is working against you right now? Or completely misunderstood? Pisces season will make you rethink the way you express yourself, as well as how you receive and process information from others. Learning to effectively communicate your needs to friends, family, and/or your partner will go a long way in mending relationships that might’ve otherwise become a little rocky through that last Retrograde. But don’t worry, Capricorn, everyone knows you’ve got a heart of gold -- just make sure you remember to speak from it!

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Aquarius, you’ve got a rep for being emotionally unavailable. Whether it’s earned or not, the truth is that other signs look at you as the most aloof of anyone in the zodiac. Yes, you LOVE having your space, but lately, you haven’t been the most attentive romantic partner. Let Pisces season guide to open up your heart to new people and experiences (Pisces is one of the most romantic signs after all). There’s really no better time than now to get in touch with your emotional side.

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HBD, Pisces! Everything you’ve been working for is going to fall into place during your SZN. Work, relationships, and the personal projects you’ve poured your heart into are all going to start loving you right back ten fold. Bask in this feeling because you’ve earned it, and we’re so proud of you. And don’t stop there! The stars are aligned in your favor right now, so if there is something you’re still hesitant about, THIS is the perfect time to take a leap of faith.

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