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10 Ways To Keep Bae Interested


Everyone needs a little extra love during these times, and your bae is absolutely no exception. Keeping the fire in a relationship flickering can be tough at times, but we've got 10 sweet ideas to keep bae interested and show them that you care at the same time.

  1. Surprise them with little gifts. It doesn't have to be expensive or lavish, even getting their fave fast food meal or a bouquet of flowers will brighten their day!

  2. Book a staycation or mini-vacation over the weekend. You don't even have to leave town, just reserve a cute Airbnb or hotel in your town and explore some of your favorite local sights!

  3. For those more intimate moments, put on your sexiest, most daring lingerie, and make their jaw drop. Roleplay, anyone?

  4. Prepare a meal for them and have a date night in by candlelight! Even if your culinary skills are limited to the microwave, you can plate your microwaved meals like a gourmet dinner. Bon appetit!

  5. Little reminders to show that you're thinking of them are always appreciated. Leave a post-it in their wallet or on their desk with a sweet message to let them know they're on your mind.

  6. Try out a funny Tiktok challenge! Take a look at your feed, and see what cute pranks come to mind. They'll definitely appreciate you walking in on them in a towel with just your birthday suit underneath.

  7. Make a charcuterie board of all their favorite snacks, pour their fave drink, and take them on a picnic. They'll appreciate the snacks and the quality time spent with you.

  8. Send them a suggestive photo while they're out, so they have something extra special to look forward to when you're finally reunited. (Hint: it probably involves sex)

  9. Make a Fashion Nova order for each other! Pick out pieces that you'd love to see each other in, and do a try on haul when the packages arrive. The living room is your runway boo!

  10. Curate a special playlist of songs that remind you of special moments with them. Bonus points if you burn it onto a CD, like the good ol' days.

We hope you're able to spice up your relationship and show your other half that you love them with these fun, easy ideas. If you do any of them, put on your best Fashion Nova 'fit, and tag us on the 'gram!

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