5 Ways To Have The Perfect FaceTime Or Zoom First Date

How To Have The Perfect FaceTime/Zoom First Date

Quarantine’s got us feeling lonely and seeking connections. It’s no wonder that dating app downloads have actually been going up! More people are looking for some type of way to connect, even if it’s just virtual. Naturally, we’re sure people have been meeting up despite the risk, but we’re gonna go ahead and recommend that you stay cautious and keep dating virtual for now. Which brings us to setting up a great and successful virtual first date! 

If you’ve been talking to a new potential bae on a dating app for a few days or weeks, it may be time to meet “face to face” via Zoom or FaceTime. But your first meeting can be exceptional and super fun if you put in some effort beforehand. Here are some tips you should consider as you prepare to meet bae.

1. Dress Up & Get Glam

If you’re not the dressing up type, then definitely wear what makes you most comfortable. If you are into dressing up though, we recommend going all out. Wear what you would wear if you were really going out, complete with heels and a cute dress or skirt set. Don’t be afraid to bust out the cleavage and glam makeup either! When you Zoom he’s only gonna see your top half most of the time, so make it worth his while!

2. Prepare Conversation Topics

This may seem totally unromantic, but what’s more awkward than long stretches of silence during a Zoom? Eeek! It’s not a good look, babe. Having some icebreakers and conversation topics ready (yes, you can even write them down) can keep the conversation flowing and help you get to know the person beyond short text messages. You can also see if you have chemistry or if it feels like pulling teeth to get a word out of your date. This could actually really let you know if this person is worthy of a second date!

3. Wine & Dine

Have some wine handy and order takeout or cook a meal beforehand. It’ll feel like you’re at a restaurant together! Yes, again, kind of weird, but we’re living in weird times. Going with the flow and embracing this new normal is the way to go. Remember, it’s all about shifting your attitude. You can have a great time just eating and talking in the first half of the date. 

4. Watch A Show Or Movie Together

Netflix and chill just got a whole new vibe. Watching an hour-long show you both agreed on, or picking an exciting movie can be so much fun. You can discuss the movie as you watch it (which is something you couldn’t really do in a traditional theater), and see if you have similar taste in entertainment. This is definitely another great way to get to know your date. 

5. Sexy Times?

You don’t have to escalate things on a first date, but if you’re really feeling each other and want to have some more fun...why not a virtual sesh? Put on sexy lingerie under your outfit, dim the lights or light some candles, and get a little naughty. It could be a huge mood-starter for both of you to watch each other undress. If you have sex toys, bust them out and don’t be afraid to use them! Get vocal and tell your date what you like or what you’d like them to be doing to you. Don’t shy away from enjoying yourself and putting on a show! That wine you had earlier can give you some liquid courage to even get a little wild. Most of all, make sure you feel comfortable with this person and trust them enough to go this far.

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