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7 Trends You Need In Your Closet This Fall

7 Fall Trends

This fall, don't get caught without these 7 must-have trends. Every single piece is guaranteed to freshen up your closet and breathe new life into your style. New signature 'fits, anyone?

1. Shoulder pads? Ok, hear us out. Shoulder pads may not seem like your jam, but they add structure to any look. They can also be empowering, make you stand up taller, and generally make you feel like a boss. Give ‘em a try this season.

Renee Ruched Shoulder Pad Sweatshirt Dress - Taupe, $39.99

Shoulder Pads

2. Stacked pants are HUGE for 2020. Sometimes we think every style has already been created, and then something new comes along to change the game. That’s how we feel about stacked pants. Add them to your closet this season for a fresh look.

Poster Girl Stacked Pant - Black, $29.99

Stacked Pants

3. Jumpsuits but make ‘em cozy? We’re in. Sweat jumpsuits will keep you warm and snug as temps drop, but still look stylish AF. They also make dressing so easy when you don’t have the energy to find tops and bottoms that match. 

Garage Talk Sweat Jumpsuit - Black, $49.99


4. Spice up your jeans with two tone denim! Two tone jean styles are so hot right now. They’re an unexpected look that will definitely get you noticed AND have people acknowledging your superior sense of style. What more could you ask for?

Middle Of Things Contrast Denim Joggers - Blue/combo, $44.99

Two Tone Denim


5. Plaid is definitely the ultimate fall print. Even just looking at it brings on all the cozy feels. Oversize styles are also super comfy, and you can wear them with bottoms or on their own, and accessorize with knee high or thigh high boots. Plus, you’ll really match the whole fall aesthetic.  

Long Talks Oversized Plaid Shirt - Navy/combo, $44.99


6. Colored faux leather will make you stand out like nothing else. It’s a sophisticated style that elevates any ‘fit, even casual looks like jeans and a white tee. Black will of course always be iconic, but red, green, brown, and other hues are trending this season for good reason. Add at least one or two colored faux leather ‘fits your outfit rotation this fall.

Spring Vibes Faux Leather Moto Jacket - Sage, $39.99  

Color Leather

7. Naturally, knee high boots are a fall staple, but you can make them more interesting by wearing snakeskin or some other print. Bold colors like burgundy or red are also great for fall and can add a pop of color to a monochrome ‘fit. These boots were made for stuntin’!

Next Caller Heeled Boots - Red, $59.99

Knee High Boots

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