A Day In The Life Of FashionNova Model Janet Guzman

Nova News10.28.20
Janet Guzman

Wanna know what a day in the life of Janet, one of our Nova models, is like? We've got all the tea on what Janet does to stay in shape, what a typical day looks like for her, and her guilty pleasure activities (hint: it involves a lot of naps).

Q: Please give us a rundown of your routine on a typical day.

A: I wake up at 6 am, take Binx [her dog] down to the dog park, get out the door for work by 7 AM to get there by 7:30 AM. Glam starts! I shoot for about 8 hours, then I go home to take a nap. I usually train with my trainer for an hour at 6 PM. I come back, walk my dog, and order myself dinner. I unwind for a bit, then my bedtime night routine starts. 

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

A: Working out, brunch, and walking my dog Binx.

Janet and Binx

Q: What are your favorite workouts for staying in shape?

A: Running on incline, pilates, and weight lifting. 

Q: Your skin looks amazing. What's your daily skincare routine, if you have one?

A: I do a lot. My skin is far from perfect. It’s a challenge to maintain with heavy makeup use everyday. I always make sure my morning and night start and end with cleansing, toning and moisturizing. I also think its important to have a good couple masks in my rotation. I would love to give you guys a product break down from start to finish later. Also, don’t forget to HYDRATE!

Janet beauty

Q: How do you practice self-care on a regular basis?

A: I eat really healthy. Every morning I wake up I drink a hot glass of water with lemon, which is really good for detoxing. I also do intermediate fasting so my first meal starts at noon. Monday - Friday my meals are mostly salads, high in protein, with fruit as snacks in between. A good diet is the biggest form of self care for me. The discipline in that goes a long way! 

Q: What's your favorite way to unwind after a long day?

A: Literally just laying on my big cozy couch and doing absolutely nothing. 

high res-4

Q: What's your favorite part of the workday? Ex. your favorite things about modeling/your least favorite things.

A: My favorite part of the workday is that moment when my glam is all finished. I feel like a queen every time. My least favorite thing is when I don’t have a good glam day. It really does either boosts or drives down my confidence for the day. 

Q: What social media apps do you use most during the day?

A: I only use Instagram. That’s enough for me!

Q: What's your absolute most favorite part of your days off?

A: Every time I get to eat and sleep lol 

Janet eat sleep

Q: What's your before-bed routine?

A: I take a long hot shower. I get out and lather my body in Bio Oil, which I use to hydrate and prevent stretch marks. Then I go into my face routine and lather a toner + witch hazel all over my face, put on a serum which I rotate from Vitamin c, retinol, or and overnight repair. I go over that with moisturizer, make myself a hot glass of sleeping tea and get into bed. 

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