August 2022 NovaScopes

Fashion Nova August 2022 NovaScopes

This month Leo SZN takes her rightful place center-stage. Leos are loyal, generous, and–most importantly–DIVAS. Our Leo Season mantra? “That’s showbiz, baby!”

Time to get glam for no reason at all. Wake up everyday knowing you’re that b*tch. Pull a Lizzo and look in the mirror to tell yourself everything that you wanna hear. It’s Leo SZN!


August challenges you to take control of your finances. Trust that this ask from the universe is necessary and that it’ll deliver you to a better place on the other side. In the meantime, this month is a great time for dating! Just remember to let your date pay for dinner.


This is the perfect month to plan a dinner party in your backyard or gather friends for a game night. You may find yourself feeling more comfortable the more you’re at home with loved ones. (We know how much you love your couch anyways.)


There’s no self-care practice better for a Gemini than journaling. If you already have a journaling practice, be diligent about creating space everyday to brain dump. If you’ve never journaled before, get yourself a notebook and start by writing stream-of-consciousness. Just get it out on the page.


This is a fab month to start that side hustle you’ve been dreaming about. Create that IG post. Write that blog. Start charging for your services. Whatever it is, the universe just might help you rake in some extra cash this month. It’s time to invest in yourself.


It’s your time to shine, baby! Step into your personal spotlight and let the big diva energy flow. Treat yourself to that extra cupcake, face mask, or shopping trip. You deserve it, and you know it. Your work life might be undergoing some changes right now, so cope with all the self-care. Remember, you’re royalty no matter what.


You may feel even more introverted than usual this month. Time to evaluate what you’re letting go of. While everyone else is partying it up during Leo SZN, honor your need to say “no” to parties, shut your door, and just vibe with yourself. Moody music is highly recommended.


Get out the cute party fits for this final month of summer! Your social life is about to heat up. It’s important right now to lean on friends and your community if things feel overwhelming emotionally. It makes things more fun and helps you remember you’re not alone.


It’s time to focus on your career and lean into the legacy you’re building. What’s your vision for yourself? What’s your 5-year plan? Time to dream and build a plan that’s going to get you there. This month ushers in some big Kyle Richards energy. Use your power wisely, Scorpio.


This month is amazing for traveling, exploring your spirituality, and/or learning something new. Get out there and try something totally different! Incorporating a daily practice will also support you right now. Try a new meditation app, buy some sage, or start learning the basics of astrology. Time to explore, Sag!


It may not be your “go-to,” but you might find that doing something totally unproductive could be the most productive thing to do. Maybe if you rest more, you’ll be able to do more tomorrow. Maybe if you sit and watercolor or draw for thirty minutes, you’ll get your next big idea. Try it and see.


Your partnerships are highlighted this month, Aquarius. If you’ve been having some trouble the past couple of months, you now get some extra love from the cosmos when it comes to your partner in love or business. Now is the time to plan a date night or get on the same page about future plans.


This month is great for writing down your ideas, Pisces. You might find yourself struggling to get your thoughts across to others over the next few weeks. Instead, work on clarifying your vision with yourself first. And remember that the best ideas are often believed to be crazy by people who just don’t get it. But once you’re a success, they’ll realize how wrong they were.

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