August NovaScopes

Signs you're dating the wrong person

RAWR, IT’S LEO SZN! Get ready for a major confidence boost and the freedom to unleash your inner star. Leo is a fire sign, which makes it always ready for action. If you’re a Leo, this season will allow you to shine like never before. If you’re a different sign, Leo energy will help you tap into the fiercest aspects of your personality. Ready? Let’s roar!


Leo season isn’t so different from Aries season, so you’re probably feeling pretty good right about now. It’s a prime opportunity for you to be a little self-centered and more assertive. Now is definitely the time to use your voice more boldly -- at work, in relationships, at home. You’ll be getting a lot done, and it’ll be a good reminder for why you shouldn’t bite your tongue anymore.


Here’s your chance to give your famous down-to-earth energy a kick in the pants, Taurus. Leo season gives all of us the freedom to be more confident and assertive, even a bit dramatic. If you feel like you haven’t been getting what you want or deserve lately, allow your inner Leo to give a huge roar and remind everyone in your life (your parents, your partner, your boss) that you’re not one to be messed with and that they haven’t been doing right by you. Let ‘em have it.


Enough seething, Gemini. Let’s get things DONE. You have been holding back a lot lately. Though you shined during your season, you also let yourself take the backseat during the past month. With Leo season taking the reins, you now have the opportunity to put it in first gear and go full speed ahead. Go extra hard at whatever ignites your soul, and don’t take no for an answer anymore.


Cancer, your season has wrapped up, but you could still use a little coaxing to come out of your shell. Leo season is the best time to do so! Try to incorporate some NEW into your life, whether that’s with a new workout regimen, or a break from your typical work routine, or a more social atmosphere. You could use some fire in your life after taking it easy and keeping a low profile. Let this energetic time give you a little boost to be your most magnetic self.


“You’re gonna hear me roar!” Leo, say it loud and say it often! It’s your season and you’re in charge. Take this time to really come into your own, especially if you’ve been feeling less than your usual badass self lately. Your season means you can strut around with confidence, truly handle your to-do list, and remind everyone why you’re a STAR. It’s your world and we’re just living in it.


Virgo, you have planted the seeds for growth lately and it’s time to reap the rewards. Whether you have been trying to go harder with your goals or cultivate better habits or relationships with the people in your life, Leo season gives you the tools you need to make everything a reality. Let’s say you’re trying to get into a healthier mindset, your inner Leo will give you the push you need. Just make sure you are being receptive.


You’ve been quiet lately, Libra. With quite a few changes going on in your life, you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and unsure. Allow Leo season to light a fire under your booty. This fiery energy will also help you finally speak up and let others know what you need. You’ve been keeping everything inside for too long. Let yourself go.


Go fearlessly toward your goal of what makes you feel happy and complete, Scorpio. We don’t even have to tell you to be fearless -- you’re the baddest baddie of the entire zodiac. But we do want to remind you that Leo season is the optimal time for you to be bigger and bolder than ever. Take advantage of this frequency to make some big moves!


The show must go on, Sagittarius. You have been busy and tired and totally over it lately. Yet at the same time, you have been determined. With new allies in your corner, you can do that thing you’ve always wanted to do, and you can do it in style. You’re also a fire sign, so let Leo season let your light shine brighter and burn hotter than it has in a long time.


You’re finally coming out of your shell, Capricorn! After putting some important things on the back burner the past few months, you’re ready to bring them forward and give them your whole attention. Maybe it’s time to date more; maybe it’s time to invest in your personal growth; maybe it’s time to hustle for more money. You know what you need to do, so go forth and prosper!


For whatever reason, Leo season got you feeling the love, Aquarius. You’ll want to really go hard with your relationships, cultivate them, and make them your primary focus. This includes both familial, romantic, and platonic relationships. You’re known for loving your solo time, but for the next month, concentrate on community and togetherness. You’ll be glad you did.


Hey, Pisces! Overall, you’re doing good, but anxiety creeps up on you once in a while. Leo season is a good opportunity for you to take a break and maybe spend some time trying to figure out where this anxiety and uncertainty is coming from. If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends at work or play, it may be a good idea to take a step back. Reset and feel revived!

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