December NovaScopes

sagittarius horoscope


December is such a good time to reflect. Make a list of all you’ve achieved this year and give yourself some credit. 2020 has been intense, but better things await you in the New Year! Our advice is to keep a positive attitude toward 2021 and start the year on the right foot.


Work may feel extra hectic this month, but looking at this through a positive lens can help make it less stressful. You always “work hard, play hard,” so remember to enjoy the holidays even with all of the responsibilities you have to deal with. As always, you’ll find the energy to do the job AND have some fun.


This month, you should look ahead and strategize for the next year. Write down some goals you want to accomplish, like starting a small business or working harder at your side hustle. When you set your mind to it, good things always come your way. Just also make sure to make it a holiday season to remember.


The stars have some good financial news in store for you this month, which is helpful when there are so many gifts to buy. Still, consider making a budget to keep you on the right track. As for celebrating, make sure you are keeping it somewhat lowkey to prevent being overwhelmed.


Whew, Leo, you’ve done so much this year already. Make December a time of rest and relaxation because you’ve totally earned it. Maybe you can even consider taking a quick (fun and safe) trip somewhere! A staycation won’t be such a bad idea either. You need it!


So it’s Cuffing SZN, Virgo, and you always get a little lonely during the holidays. Consider firing up that dating app and finding someone worthy to have some fun with. The nights are long and cold! On the other hand, if you prefer singledom, we totally get it -- you always have fun with yourself anyway!


Libra, luck is on your side this month. Whether it’s work-related or concerning your personal life, you’re going to be very happy with the outcomes in the immediate future. And the holidays are going to positively SPARKLE for you. Enter this month with that in mind and watch the good times roll in.


You always have so much on your plate. How do you handle it? By being a Scorpio and a total badass, that’s how. The holidays will be hectic this December, but...YOU. GOT. THIS. However, do keep in mind that burnout is real, and set aside some “me” time that includes self-care weekends.


It may not feel like it, but you’ve been making all the right moves this year. Keep it up, and ALWAYS trust your instincts. Gird your loins for the holidays, though, because they just might test your limits. Still, you know you can handle anything.


Practical Capricorn, how can we get you to let loose? You’ve been on your grind all year, so use this last month as an excuse to let go a bit. It’s still a time for celebrating, no matter how weird 2020 has been. Try indulging yourself a little bit with self-care or your fave hobbies.


Keep chasing your goals, and don’t leave behind unfinished business. It can be bad luck for the New Year. Tie up loose ends so you can enter 2021 with a clean slate and feel ready to take on whatever comes your way.


This year has been good and bad in equal measure, but it’s important for you to remember to always keep going forward. This December, also remember to be grateful (gratitude list, anyone?), and also treat yourself with some good food and good times.

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