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Lifestyle 08.29.23
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Welcome to a coast-to-coast cocktail party, Fashion Nova style! Ever wondered what your state would taste like in a glass? Well, now we have the answer. Using the ever-innovative ChatGPT, we whipped up recipes inspired by the flavors, flowers, and fame of every state. Then, we handed over the recipes to Midjourney, which brought our vision to life by visualizing what each of these divine drinks would look like IRL. Read on to find out what your state’s signature cocktail is.

A Signature Cocktail For Every U.S. State

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Speaking of a taste tour, vodka has left its mark across the country, becoming the go-to spirit for 22 of the state's signature cocktails. It's like the little black dress of beverages—always the right choice! But don't underestimate the heart of the South: bourbon follows closely, with 11 states raising their glasses to this robust spirit.

Now, if you prefer to chill with your cocktails, you're in good company. Most states lean toward the iced versions of their signature drinks. However, Connecticut and Alaska march to the beat of their own mixers, as these two states prefer to warm up with their drinks, offering the only hot cocktails on our list.

Zooming In on Defining Cocktails

From the Arkansas Ozark Orchard Elixir to Kentucky's Bluegrass Blackberry Smash Kentucky Bluegrass Blackberry Smash, these AI-crafted concoctions celebrate the spirit of the states they're inspired by. And just like our stunning Fashion Nova fits, they're not only a feast for the taste buds but a delight for the eyes too.

See what your state's defining cocktail is below!

Alabama: Crimson Tide Berry Crush

A red cocktail and fruit sit on a table near a football field.

Raise a glass to the Crimson Tide with Alabama's very own Crimson Tide Berry Crush. This vibrant drink is a nod to the state's rich football heritage, and it’s as refreshing as a game-winning touchdown. 

Infused with the local sweetness of blackberries and a touch of Alabama whiskey, this crimson-colored concoction is a delightful blend of fruity fizz and Southern charm. To toast to victory, Alabama style!

D.C.: Capitol Citrus Fizz

District of Columbia
A yellow cocktail and lemons sit on a table near a national landmark.

Step into the political arena with the Capitol Citrus Fizz, a drink as lively and vibrant as Washington, D.C. itself. The mixture of gin or vodka, fresh lemon juice, elderflower liqueur, and orange bitters encapsulates the district's blend of elegance and energy.

Whether you just finished serving looks in your favorite pantsuit at a press conference or just got done visiting D.C.'s historic landmarks, this zesty concoction mirrors the grandeur of the nation's capital. 

Florida: Sunshine State Sipper

A citrusy cocktail sits on a table against a tropical backdrop.

If you're yearning for a taste of endless summer, check out Florida's Sunshine State Sipper. This citrusy delight is Florida in a glass, capturing the sunny and tropical vibes that the state is famous for. 

With the juicy flavors of oranges and a hint of lime, this refreshing concoction is a beachside vacation for your taste buds. Whether you're basking in the actual Florida sun or just dreaming of it, this cocktail brings the Sunshine State straight to your sip.

Nevada: Neon Mirage Martini

A blue cocktail with a pineapple and cherry garnish sits on a table across from a city.

Get ready to sparkle, honey! The Neon Mirage Martini is Vegas in a glass, and it's calling your name. Glittery and glamorous, just like the city's neon lights, this cocktail will have you feeling like a high-roller in no time. 

So shake it up with some vodka (or gin), add a splash of Blue Curaçao for that electric glow, and don't forget the coconut rum for that tropical twist. Pour it up, garnish with a cherry on top, and get ready to shine like the star you are.

New Mexico: Southwest Sunset Margarita

New Mexico
A green cocktail sits on a wooden surface in the desert.

Ready to get a taste of the desert with a Southwest Sunset Margarita? New Mexico's signature cocktail is more than a margarita; it's a fiesta in your mouth, filled with flavors that dance like a desert sunset. 

Sip on this blend of silver tequila and prickly pear, and let the mezcal's smoky kiss whisk you away to New Mexico's enchanting landscapes. Rim that glass with Tajín if you're feeling sassy, and raise your glass to the Land of Enchantment!

New York: Empire State Orchard Fizz

New York
A cocktail with an apple garnish overlooks a city skyline.

Calling all city slickers! The Empire State Orchard Fizz is here to add some pizzazz to your day. It's the Big Apple in a glass, and it's as crisp and bustling as a walk through Central Park. 

Infuse that bourbon with fresh apples, mix it up with some cider, and add a touch of maple sweetness. Top it off with some sparkle, and you've got a cocktail that's as fabulous as the city that never sleeps.

Ohio: Buckeye Orchard Smash

A brown cocktail garnished with a tomato sits somewhere in AI Ohio.

It's time to buckle up and prepare your tastebuds for Ohio's lush orchards with the Buckeye Orchard Smash. You know tomatoes are the Buckeye State's signature fruit, right? Well, we've infused them with bourbon to make a splash that's as vibrant as a summertime BBQ. 

Mix that up with a tasty tropical puree, a citrusy twist, and fresh mint leaves, and what you're left with is a taste tour of Ohio's farms right in your glass.

Wyoming: Wildflower Fizz

A floral cocktail overlooks a beautiful field of flowers.

Welcome, wild child! Ready to saddle up with the untamed spirit of Wyoming? The Wildflower Fizz is a wild ride of flavors, with floral elderflower liqueur, zesty lemon, and a bubbly fizz that'll make you giddy up with delight. 

It's a taste of Wyoming's open plains and majestic mountains stirred into one epic cocktail. Top it off with an edible flower, and you'll be riding off into the sunset in the Cowboy State in no time (maybe with a cowboy of your own, wink wink).

Complete List of Recipes


Don’t worry if you didn’t see your state on our list; we made sure not to leave anyone out. Click here to search for your state’s signature cocktail and discover your new favorite drink!

Closing Thoughts

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To create the perfect cocktail for every state, we asked ChatGPT to create a recipe for each state based on themes and brands associated with each state, alongside the state flowers, fruits, and more. From there, we used Midjourney to visualize what each cocktail would look like.