FashionNova Model Marilyn Shares Her Secrets

Nova News10.28.20
Marilyn Melo

You asked, and she answered! We've got a special treat for you, Nova Babes! Our very own Fashion Nova model, Marilyn Melo, has got all the answers to your most burning questions in an exclusive interview with Fashion Nova.

Q: What advice would you give someone who wanted to start modeling? You're one of my favorite models!

A: Find out what type of modeling you're trying to get into. That could be high fashion, runway, e-commerce modeling! Just know what kind of industry you're trying to break into, and from there, look at agencies to apply to.

Q: What kind of dog is Luna and how did you come up with her name?

A: She is a Maltipoo, and I gave her the name Luna because both of my parents are Dominican and primarily speak Spanish, so it was important to me to give her a Spanish name!

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Q: What's your zodiac sign?

A: I'm a Pisces, like Rihanna, like Steve Jobs, Einstein, Jhene Aiko

Q: What is your all-time favorite movie?

A: My favorite movie of all time is The Matrix! Who doesn't love an action movie & a thriller? Whenever it's on TV, I can never turn it off!

Q: What's on your post-quarantine bucket list?

A: I definitely want to travel, travel, travel, have more fun, spend time with my friends and give everyone hugs and kisses! I'm so excited to see everyone again.

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Q: What was your favorite Fashion Nova shoot to be a part of?

A: Definitely the Halloween shoots! We get to play around with hair & makeup. We got to dress up as different characters, I was a character off of Toy Story, Aaliyah, Lil Kim, it's just so much fun!


Q: What's one Dominican dish that you love to cook?

A: Definitely rice & beans! What Dominican dish is complete without rice & beans? Get your adobo poppin' and get your rice and beans!

Q: If you weren't a model, what career would you be in?

A: I graduated college with a political science degree and I was on my way to law school, but I got discovered in a restaurant, and the rest is history, now I'm a Novababe!

Q: Do you have any helpful self-love and confidence tips that you recommend?

A: My self-love tip is to not be so hard on yourself, give yourself a compliment, and to just keep going! You're the only you, you're the most beautiful person you can be, and there is no life better than yours. You can make your life whatever you want it to be!

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Q: Many models stick to a strict routine to maintain their look. How do you keep your hair, skin, nails, etc. looking so nice?

A: We're in quarantine, I can't do my nails, I can't do my brows, but I do try to work out as much as I can. I get a lot of facials, I do beauty IVs, so my skin, the biggest organ of the body, is hydrated. I try to waist train a little bit to get that itty bitty waist. I try to squat as much as I can, and yeah!

Q: You rock a lot of different hair colors & styles? What have your faves been?

A: If you follow me, you know I change my hair a lot! I've had green hair, purple hair, red hair, I literally have a rainbow of wigs. I love my natural hair! I love my fro, I love being able to go to sleep with my fro, it's like my little pillow! I love love love wearing my natural hair since I don't really get to wear it for work.

Q: What are your non-negotiable car ride songs/artists?

A: Right now, it's definitely Megan Thee Stallion. I love her song "Savage"! I just love that song, it's so much fun. Her music is so hype so it always gets me in a good mood and yeah, I can do my dance a lil' bit.

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Q: What’s one thing that we wouldn’t expect you to like, but you do? 

A: I can tell you what I DON'T like, jet skiing! I feel like everyone loves jet skiing but me. I feel like it's so scary, I hate rocking against the waves, I just don't like it! It makes me so nervous. Large bodies of water already make me nervous, so that doesn't help at all. I don't like jet skiing. That's VERY surprising to people, cuz everyone likes jet skiing.

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