February NovaScopes

February NovaScopes

It's the second month of the year and we're checking in: how are you doing right now, Nova Fam? Is 2021 shaping up to be everything you hoped for and more? Or have things already gone left, right from the start? Read on to see what the stars have planned for you for this month, and what you can do to keep this year on the right track!


Hey, there, go-getter! We bet YOU haven’t given up on your New Year’s resolutions and goals yet. The truth is most people abandon their resolutions by late January, but we know you’ve still got your eye on the prize. Aquarius season means embracing your hopes for the future, and that’s why you need to go ahead and hang that vision board high where you can see it every day, babe. You need to be reminded of your goals on a daily basis so you can knock ‘em out one by one, and rock this year like no one else. 

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Aquarius season is gonna get you forging a new reality for yourself, and it’s gonna be lit! Seriously, take advantage of everything this cosmically good season has to offer before it’s too late. Taurus, you always know what you want and how to get it, but stress has been coming at you from different angles lately, and you need to reorient yourself. When it comes to work, it may be time to enjoy some mental health days. If you have a partner, be more vocal about your needs this month. If you’re single, be open to meeting someone new, but don’t lose hope if the potential partners you meet are not up to your standards. There are plenty of fish in the sea, after all!

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Heading into the second month of the year has got you feeling some type of way. The whole year is basically ahead of you and you’re not at all sure what to expect. Sometimes, when you’re overwhelmed, you start to lose sight of what really matters, so we want to stress the importance of remembering that you’re a capable queen. You can handle anything life throws at you, and this Aquarius season will be particularly helpful in getting you to cross off everything on your to-do lists. Make sure you’re taking advantage of that cosmic boost!

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Seasonal depression got you kind of down? We get it. It’s winter and you’re in your feelings. But it’s also the season for manifesting! As long as you believe that you’re worthy (and you are!), you’ll be able to manifest pretty much anything you want this month and for the year ahead. Employee of the month accolades, higher grades, a more fulfilling love life -- whatever you are hoping to achieve, Aquarius season got your back! Just make sure you yourself are putting in the work and not just daydreaming about what you want.

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You’ve been killing it in 2021 so far. Ok, it’s only been a month, but STILL. It sets a good precedent for the rest of the year! Wanna keep the momentum going? Write down your goals (even if they’re small), don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed, practice an attitude of gratitude daily, and don’t let setbacks slow you down. The stars know you’re ready to slay all of 2021, but make sure you prove them right!

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Virgo, a lot of changes have been coming your way this year already, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Though many people fear change, the truth is that your attitude toward it can absolutely dictate how you’re going to react. Whether it’s a relationship status change or more responsibility heaped onto your shoulders at work, if you look at these life updates through a positive lens, you’re going to be able to deal with them much more effectively. Also, put some extra focus on your mental health this month ‘cause you’re gonna need that energy to get you through.

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Libra, it’s only been a month but you’ve been killing it at work, crushing your goals and slaying those New Year’s resolutions! You go, babe! But if you’re honest with yourself, all this time spent focused with your head down has actually got you craving personal connection more than ever before. This month, reach out to your friends and family! Tap back into the feel-good energy of catching up with the people you love most. It’ll come as a welcome and much-needed break in what’s shaping up to be a busy & exciting Aquarius season for you!

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Scorpio, it didn’t take very long for you to hit that positive stride we told you 2021 would bring. You’re taking advantage of every opportunity and putting your best foot forward whenever possible, so new job offers, romances, and creative experiences are overflowing right now! The key to all of this is the new positive attitude you’ve adopted despite any challenges that come your way. Your sign gets a bad rep for being too intense at times, but we’re loving this open-minded and optimistic side of you, Scorpio. Here’s to slaying the rest of the year like a boss!

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You’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, Sagittarius. The holidays have long come and gone, including all of the magic and wonder that comes with it. You’ve been dying to go out and be the social butterfly that you naturally are, but the times require us to safely remain at home for a bit longer. How about a perspective shift? Continue using this time to look inward, get to know yourself better, indulge in more self-care, or work on personal projects you’ve been putting off. This Aquarius season will bring nothing but clarity and chill vibes overall, so just embrace it!

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How are our hard-working, goal-getters feeling right now? Capricorn, you’re so used to being the best at everything you do and right now, things aren’t falling into place as nicely as you’d like them to. Even with a few roadblocks throwing you off your game, we want you to remember how beautiful and capable you are at all times! Never forget that, and remember to practice mindfulness at every turn. Invest in some aura-boosting crystals and create a new personal mantra that you can repeat out loud whenever you need a cosmic confidence boost!

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You’ve got some exciting times ahead, Aquarius, because this is your season to THRIVE! During your birthday month, it’ll feel like everything is falling into place. If you’re in a relationship, your partner will surprise you with so many wonderful things to make you feel appreciated. At work or school, you’ll finally score the accolades that you’ve been working so hard for. On a personal note, you’re feeling more confident and capable than you have in a while. Literally, anything you’ve had your hands on will turn to gold this month! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this feel-good moment while it lasts, babe!

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Heading into the second month of the year, you’re honestly not sure what to expect, Pisces. It gives you a sense of security when you can plan your life out months in advance, but the uncertainty of this year is making you feel down more than usual. We encourage you to find beauty in the unknown! Lean on your natural creativity and think outside the box for ways to stay focused, secure the bag, and handle whatever challenges come your way this Aquarius season. Remember, it’s your attitude that’ll make all the difference! Your Feel-Good ‘Fit: Love On The Side Sweater Skirt Set, $49.99

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