Gen Z Vs Millennials: Are Skinny Jeans Over?!

Gen Z Vs Millennials: Are Skinny Jeans Over?

Hold up! What?! Skinny jeans can’t be over. They can never, ever, ever go out of style. That’s like saying “the little black dress is over.” Some things, like skinny jeans, are just classics. Right?

We hate to burst your bubble, but Gen Z has declared that skinny jeans are dead. (They also hate side part hairstyles, but we can discuss that later). Skinny jeans had a good run, according to teens and people in their early 20s, but they’re just not cool anymore. So what’s cool now? Mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, flare jeans, slouch-fit jeans. Pretty much anything except millennials’ beloved skinnies. Painful, right?

Before we dig deeper into the denim wars, we just wanna say you can obviously wear any type of jeans you want. You don’t have to listen to Gen Z. In their defense, however, maybe skinny jeans can take a breather and let looser styles have a chance in the spotlight for a change!

Skinny jeans have been ruling the denim kingdom for YEARS. They came along around 2004 and pretty much kicked bootcut jeans to the curb. Since then, they’ve enjoyed a long reign. Until now, that is. However, they’re not going down without a fight. Our Classic High Waist Skinny Jeans are still top sellers, and they look good with everything. Just sayin’. Still, if you wanna branch out and stop squeezing into skinny styles, we got you. Check out some of our sexy and SUPER trendy denim looks for your next haul.


Slouch-fit jeans have a relaxed, baggy fit that is ultra comfy and, obviously, super trendy at the moment. If you wanna be very Gen Z about it, you can style it with a plaid oversize shirt or shacket and sneakers. However, this style can be glammed up as well, with high heels and a sexy crop top.

Extreme Flare

Extreme flare styles have that bell bottom fit that is so relevant right now. This trendy look can be styled with a tight tank top, bikini or bra top, or tiny crop top for a contrasting appeal. Although this style is more casual (and looks great with sneakers), you can still dress it up with platform wedges or other heels.

Straight Leg

Not ready to completely abandon skinny jeans and graduate over to baggy styles? Well, then straight leg jeans are your best friend. This style strikes the perfect balance between skinny and baggy, and is versatile enough to look good with flats, heels, sneakers, and boots. As for tops? Try pretty much anything you feel will look good, because they will!

Wide Leg

Unlike flare styles that go from slim to wider at the bottom, wide leg styles are baggy throughout. This look is definitely having a moment, and wearing it will make quite a statement. Style with a graphic top and platform boots if you're the more casual type, or dress it up with a satin tie top and delicate strappy heels.

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