How Every State Takes Its Tequila

Lifestyle 11.01.23
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America’s Tequila Tastes

Are you ready to get into the real tea—err, we mean tequila? We all know tequila's not just a drink; it's a whole vibe. Whether you're livin' it up with a classic marg or shooting it straight, tequila has a way of turning any gathering into a night to remember.

From the brands that have us double-tapping to the cocktails we just can't resist, and even how it makes us feel all the feels, we have everything you need to know about this special spirit right here. 

You're not just gonna want a sip—you'll want the whole bottle!

How Every State Takes Its Tequila

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When it comes to the age-old debate of Patron vs. Jose Cuervo, the numbers don't lie—33 states declared Patron as their go-to tequila, while 11 opted for the classic charm of Jose Cuervo. 

It's a tequila showdown that sparks as much interest as the East Coast vs. West Coast rap battles of the '90s. But whether you're team Patron or team Cuervo, one thing's for sure: tequila brings us all together for some epic nights out.

But how are we actually sipping (or shooting) that tequila? 

If a rowdy college bar with shots flying across the counter came to mind, think again. Only six states preferred to kick back their tequila in a shot.

The overwhelming majority—38 states, to be precise—prefer to sip their tequila in a cocktail. We're talking margaritas, tequila sunrises, and everything in between. 

From tangy margaritas to suave tequila sunrises, it seems Americans know how to party in style.

Tequila Tastes and Trends Across the U.S

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First off, let's talk types. Blanco, or silver tequila, is the reigning champ, capturing 41% of American taste buds. Reposado, or aged tequila, is next in line at 20%, followed by gold tequila at 14%. It looks like most of us are keeping it pure and clear—kind of like our relationship status, am I right?

How about the cocktail flavor? Are we team sweet or team spicy? While you might think the land of the hot wing and spicy BBQ would lean into the heat, the stats tell a different story. Most of us (39%) prefer our tequila cocktails on the sweeter side. About a quarter of us are neutral, opting for neither too sweet nor too spicy, while 23% are turning up the heat with slightly spicy concoctions.

When it comes to taking shots, there's no messing around. Lime and salt lead the pack at 44%. If you're going solo, it's more likely to be with just lime (22%) or straight-up tequila (19%).

As for the cocktail rim? We're getting fancy, people. Nearly half of us (48%) opt for a salt rim, 17% spice it up with Tajin (you know, that tasty chile-lime seasoning), 14% prefer a sugar rim, and for 21%, it's a no-rim zone.

Now, where's the tequila party at? Surprise, surprise—it's at home! About 39% prefer to sip—or guzzle—tequila in the comfort of their own space. Bars are a close second at 37%.

And finally, how much is too much? For most Americans, 1-3 tequila drinks hit the sweet spot on a night out, with 29% stopping at just two. But watch out; 41% of us are going for 4 or more. 

Pace yourselves, party animals.

Capturing That Tequila Feelin'

Ever wonder why tequila nights always make it onto your Instagram Stories? We've got some mood stats that might shed light on the situation.

When that tequila hits, you're not just getting a buzz—you're getting a whole vibe. According to our data, 58% of you report feeling all sorts of giggly, 48% get super chatty, and 45% start oozing confidence and outgoing energy. Think of tequila as your personal hype man.

And the perks don't stop there. Feel awkward in social situations? Tequila to the rescue! An impressive 65% of people say they feel more comfortable in public after taking a little liquid courage. 

Nearly half (44%) are more likely to speak their mind, and 35% are willing to bust a move in public. No wonder TikTok dance challenges blow up on tequila nights!

Confidence seems to scale with the number of drinks, too. After one or two shots, you'll probably feel a subtle confidence boost. But those who go for three rounds or more often feel like they could rule the world—or at least the club.

Tequila Spending Trends

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When it comes to shelling out for that agave goodness, Americans have their wallets open and priorities straight. Most of us (50%) find that the sweet spot for a tequila bottle sits between $25 and $40. 

However, some of us are big spenders—26% of Americans spend a Benjamin or more on tequila every month!

Now, imagine you're at the bar, eyeing that cocktail menu. One in four of you would happily spend a bit extra to upgrade to your fave tequila brand. You know what they say: treat yourself, don't cheat yourself.

And when it comes to lifetime supplies, coffee takes a backseat. A jaw-dropping 41% of us would pick tequila over that daily cup of joe.

Perhaps even more surprising, nearly 4 in 10 Americans (37%) would rather have a never-ending stock of tequila than have their credit card bill magically disappear. Talk about knowing what you want in life.

Closing Thoughts

As we wrap up this boozy odyssey, one thing is clear: tequila is more than just a drink; it's a culture, a mood, and a lifestyle for many Americans. Whether it's the type of tequila, the cocktails we mix, or even how it makes us feel, this magical elixir has a special place in our hearts (and our liquor cabinets).

And speaking of setting the mood, why not level up your tequila nights with Fashion Nova's latest collection of outfits perfect for a night out?

Whether you're sipping cocktails at home or dancing the night away at the club, we've got the style to match your tequila vibe. Cheers to living our best lives, one shot at a time!


To give you the most accurate sip-by-sip breakdown of America's tequila habits, we conducted an in-depth survey of 3,110 alcohol-drinking Americans from 50 states. These respondents were aged 21-59+, and out of this group, a specialized 921 individuals are tequila enthusiasts who regularly indulge in this agave delight. Our survey ran from June 28th to August 2nd.

We asked our participants questions about their preferred tequila brands, drinking styles, and spending patterns, among others. Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming are left out of our findings due to a limited number of respondents from those states.

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