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How To Keep Things Spicy In The Bedroom

Bedroom lingerie

So you're ready to spice things up in the bedroom, but you're not about to hit up a BDSM club. We get it. You don't always have to go crazy to spice things up. Sometimes even a seemingly simple change can go a long way! Here are some tips you most likely won't be afraid to try, so have fun!

  1. Change of venue, please. Yes, we're telling you to leave the bedroom. Up against a wall, on the couch, on a desk, on the kitchen counter...all of these are some great options for sexy times.

  2. Into games? Try something as simple as sex dice. Roll 'em and see what comes up, and then do what it says.

  3. Make a playlist specifically for sex. Pick a variety of songs that have always turned you on. Suggestive lyrics can even inspire you to try to recreate them! WAP, anyone?

  4. Send each other sexts all day long to make the night that much more exciting when it comes.

  5. This one involves a lot of trust in each other, but if you're not worried, making a sex tape can be lots of fun. Watching yourself afterwards can be a major turn-on.

  6. Speaking of watching yourself, try having sex in front of a mirror! Watching yourself in real-time can be extremely sexy, especially when set to music.

  7. Whipped cream, and fudge, and honey, oh my! Food is always fun to play with. Things can get messy, but you can just lick each other clean. Isn't that the whole point?

  8. Blindfolds & handcuffs on! Put a blindfold on your partner when you're having oral sex. It heightens excitement because they can't see what you're doing and have no idea how you'll touch them next.

  9. Giving each other massages is one surefire way to get turned on. Turn off the lights and light some candles to set the mood.

  10. Mix it up. If you never wear sexy lingerie, buy something super risque to surprise your partner. If you're usually submissive, try to take the reins instead for once.


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