How To Make A Vision Board That Actually Works

How To Make An Effective Vision Board That Works

Wanna manifest your dream life? You might be surprised to find that it only takes a poster board and some magazines to do it. Yes, we’re serious! Manifesting is absolutely real, but you also have to take concrete and actionable steps. One way to do this is by creating a vision board and placing it where you can see it every single day.

Think of your vision board as a little guide or map to your future dream life. Seeing your goals and wishes laid out in front of you is a powerful way to push them deep inside your subconscious. It will also inspire you to take action. We all know it’s not enough to just dream about what we want; it’s also imperative to take concrete steps to make your dreams a reality. A vision board can be your first actionable step, especially if you happen to be feeling overwhelmed or discouraged to follow through on a goal. Here’s how to make a vision board that actually works.

Make A List Of Your Goals

Start by making a list of your goals and dreams. They can be big (like getting a new, higher-paying job) or small (like having a short staycation). Write them all down and feel free to get as specific as you want (being super specific about your goals will get you farther). For example, let’s say you want to have more followers on your social media accounts, like Instagram or TikTok. You can write down exactly the number of followers you want to get every day or week. It could be 10 or 20 or 100. The more specific you are, the more driven you will be to make it happen. Vague or general goals are sometimes too broad, and you can become discouraged from following through on them. 

Choose Words & Images That Speak To Your Soul

Once you have your poster board and supplies ready to go, set aside a few days to really look for and choose images that spark joy, ambition, and drive. Don’t settle! Maybe you’re dreaming of vacationing in the Greek Isles or French Riviera. Don’t put a cheaper alternative on your vision board. Perhaps you’re convinced that Greece or France are not realistic, so you settle for a nearby hotel with a pool. Stop. You deserve big things, and dreaming big is how you get them. A vision board is supposed to be full of aspirational images. Don’t make a budget version of your dream board. It won’t serve you. It might even be depressing!

PRO TIP: Don’t rely solely on pictures cut out from magazines or downloaded and printed out from the internet; also WRITE down your goals/dreams on your poster board. Words have as much power as images.

Think About What You DON’T Want

Some people believe in the concept of an “anti-vision board.” It literally means making a board of what you DON’T want (like your current job or an unfulfilling relationship/toxic friendships). Once you know what you definitively do not want, it can clarify what you DO want above all. An anti-vision board might even inspire you to ruthlessly cut through the fluff and home in on your deepest desires. Once the focus is on things you want out of your life, you can cultivate space for your true dreams to manifest.

Avoid Becoming Clingy Or Frustrated

Made your vision board? Good. Now, place it where you can see it daily, and relax. It’ll be easier to manifest your dreams and goals if you partially detach from them. This doesn’t mean you need to stop taking action, but it does mean that you need to avoid becoming fixated on the outcomes, or become frustrated that things aren’t manifesting quickly enough. The journey is oftentimes just as important and rewarding as the final destination. Sometimes it’s even moreso! Furthermore, obsessing over outcomes can actually be a hindrance, and it can block the make-it-happen energy that you are counting on to manifest your dreams.

Bottom Line

Your dreams have every possibility of coming true. Just add some elbow grease, a sprinkle of manifesting magic from the universe, and a tangible dream board, and see what happens. You might find that items on your vision board will come to fruition within weeks, or you might find that some of them become reality years later (when you least expected it). Don’t put a timeline on your dreams. Some will come true delightfully early, while others will need time to incubate and bloom. The most important thing to remember is that YOU are putting positive energy out into the universe, and you will ultimately be rewarded.