How to Apply Boob Tape: An Expert’s Guide


You’re getting ready for dinner with Bae, and you have everything all picked out. Your makeup is flawless, your skin is glowing, and you've chosen the perfect dress that will make him weak at the knees. But, just as you go to put on our Sophistication Bandage Maxi Dress, you notice something - the dress is not looking like it did on the site. So, you ask yourself, "What do I do now?"

You might know that some of the most exquisite and risqué outfits have plunging necklines, backless dresses, and cutouts. But did you know that the secret to braless-but-perky boobs is not always plastic surgery but boob tape?

What is Boob Tape? 

It really is as simple as it sounds. When a bra is too much, opt for some boob tape—it’s the instant boob job hack every baddie needs. And here’s the best part: it doesn’t matter what cup size you are. Breast tape, or titty tape, is an adhesive specially designed to lift the breasts into an oh-so-perky position and enhances cleavage. You can consider it a nonsurgical breast lift. 

Boob tape is a flexible, soft fabric adhesive with reshaping abilities that are an absolute game-changer. The sculpted look gives you ample support underneath your clothes for a total of 8 hours, so it comes in handy for a bunch of your favorite styles, like triangle tops or revealing low-cut necklines. So, get ready to rock that off-the-shoulder top and skin-bearing midi dress with comfort. 

How to Use the Tape

Boob tape is one of Hollywood's oldest kept “not-so-secret” secrets. Many A-list celebs rely on this trick when it comes to wearing jaw-dropping gowns on the red carpet.

To master the art of boob tape, you must start by measuring how much tape you need and where you will place it. Remember, the point is for the tape to be discreetly hidden beneath the lining of your top or dress.

Next, cut a few strips and slowly peel the liner off the bra. Be extra careful. You’ll want to ensure the adhesive doesn’t touch itself, your hands, or anything else. Keep in mind boob tape is a one-time use product. There’s no such thing as resticking.

Use one hand to lift your breast up to your desired perk level while using the other hand to tape the base. Make sure you are in front of a mirror when you do this to help you slide the boob tape up and around your breast. Try ending the tape lower on the chest where the skin is firmer. You’ll want to smooth any wrinkles, but don’t stress too much about the small ones. Tiny grooves and bumps won’t show under clothes. If you feel itching, pulling, or discomfort at any time, remove it immediately. 

Will Boob Tape Stay On If You Sweat?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Breast tape’s breathable material is water-resistant and sweat-proof. This allows you to wear it under your favorite bikini or one piece to the beach. With a bit of titty tape, the world is your oyster. You won’t catch this fabric slipping. Never worry about anything falling off while you’re swimming, running, or dancing. 


Gone are the days of putting a jaw-dropping outfit back in the closet because your boobs didn’t look great in them. Ready to go strapless within minutes? Make sure to finish off your coveted complete look in a Fashion Nova fit.

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