January NovaScopes

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Here we go again, y'all! New Year, new...you? That is such a cliche, but we can't help but think of any beginning as a chance for a fresh start. It feels like pressing reset on the timer of your life, and being given another opportunity to set new goals, meet new people, have new hope that everything is going to be all right. Let's see what the stars have planned for you for 2021, and what you can do to have your best year yet!


New year, new excitement! Aries, you love anything that’s shiny and new, and even if 2020 wasn’t quite your jam, there’s so much possibility awaiting you in 2021. That’s what makes it so fun. The year unrolls ahead of you like a blank piece of paper onto which you can write or draw anything you want. Guess what? It’s the perfect time to get that vision board going so you know exactly what to envision for yourself for the next 12 months. Get to it!

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You have been feeling a little lonelier than usual lately. Perhaps 2020 didn’t give you everything you needed in the relationship department (and by relationships, we mean both romantic and platonic ones). But it’s never too late to reconnect or meet someone new! Make it your mission this month to hit up old friends you may have lost touch with for no particular reason, or to make a concentrated effort to meet new people. If anyone can get friendly and still stay 6 feet apart, it’s you, Taurus!

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We consider Geminis to be one of the boss babes of the zodiac. So guess that means you need to be on your best boss babe behavior this month! Why not start the New Year with your foot firmly on the accelerator and see where it takes you? Speeding is considered bad, we know, but we also think hitting the ground running is always a good thing. You already slayed 2020 more than you ever thought possible, and you should keep that momentum going into 2021. Let’s do this!

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Cancer, you are so ready to kick 2021’s butt! Whether it’s going back to school for continuing education, acing every class, getting awarded “employee of the month” at work, or finishing that novel/art project you’ve been working on, 2021 is the year of MAKING. THINGS. HAPPEN. We’re so proud of your attitude and determination. You’re about to achieve greatness. Can we be more like you, please?

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Goals are better than resolutions. Goals are more concrete and achievable, and you know this, Leo. In fact, we’re pretty sure you’ve never been a fan of “resolutions” anyway. You always have your eye on the prize, and -- no surprise here -- you ALWAYS get your prize. For 2021, you’re totally committed to winning even more than you did in 2020. Don’t lose focus, even when people around you are floundering. You need to look out for yourself only.

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You’re secretly so happy you got a bunch of gift cards for Christmas. If anybody needs the gift of choice, it’s definitely YOU. Spend 2021 getting yourself some new ‘fits and whatever else you want. It’ll give you the breath of fresh air you need to start the New Year off on the right foot. You’re notoriously picky, but treating yourself will feel oh so good, especially when it’s all under your control. What a lovely beginning to 2021, don’t you think?

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There’s so much in store for you this year, Libra! 2021 is all about leaning into those fun, creative outlets you began exploring late in 2020. Whether it’s taking up another online painting class, redecorating your room again, or finally venturing into photography like you’ve always wanted to do, GO FOR IT! You’ll be surprised at how much your creativity will spark momentum in other areas of your life -- and ride those feelings all year long, babe!

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Scorpio, you’re undeniably fierce, passionate and determined -- and those natural qualities are DEFINITELY going to pay off for you in 2021! Spend this year putting that tenacious energy into slaying your goals and leveling up your life in every way possible. Don’t let anything stand in your way! It’s time to get what you deserve and look oh so good while doing it. No matter what you accomplish, you’re always doing it with effortless style. 

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Sagittarius, you’ve got big dreams for 2021 and we see you achieving them all. Spend this year connecting with others who are just as free-spirited, goal-oriented and energetic as you are. Good vibes will attract your tribe -- it’s no wonder every other sign in the zodiac’s got a friend like you in their circle!

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With the New Year comes a new set of responsibilities, personal and professional, and you’re so ready to dive in, Capricorn! It’s always been like second nature for you to dive headfirst into your work. But why not start 2021 with a different approach? Try taking more self-care moments for yourself to balance out the rest of your life. Add a little layer of comfort to everything. The refreshed and recharged version of you will thank you for this later! 

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Say hello to another fresh start, Aquarius! You are the queen of reinventing yourself and 2021 will be another opportunity to do just that. 2020 showed you everything you needed to let go of to truly live your best life. Focus on breaking old bad habits, aligning with your purpose, and surrounding yourself with everything you need to succeed. You’re a trailblazer, and we can’t wait to see the awesome things you’ll accomplish this year!

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You are undoubtedly the most creative sign in the zodiac, Pisces! But you do have a tendency to chill in your comfort zone and stick to what you know you’re good at. For 2021, you’re finally snapping out of your normal routines and challenging yourself! Don’t get discouraged if you’re not immediately the best at something new. Embrace the learning curve and you’ll be thriving in yet another cool venture in no time!

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