July 2022 NovaScopes

Novascopes Cancer Season Blog

Cancer Season is all about nourishing and nurturing ourselves and our connections. You might feel more in tune with your emotions—or overwhelmed by them.

Watch nostalgic movies! Cuddle a dog! Take care of those around you like they were your family! Let your feelings take you on a wild roller coaster ride! It’s Cancer Szn, babe!

Read on to learn what Cancer Szn has in store for you. And don’t forget to read for both your rising and your sun signs for the most accurate reading.


Take care of you this season, fiery bae. The more you feel secure with yourself, the more you’ll feel secure out in the world and with others. It’s a good month to spend more time at home. Make yourself a homemade meal, binge your favorite tv show, or sleep an extra hour when you can. Sometimes nourishing yourself is simpler than you think.


While others may be rescinding into their introverted shell during Cancer Szn, you’re feeling a bit more social. This month is a great time to start journaling or sharing some deeper insights with close friends. Your thoughts need your attention this month.


Plant financial seedlings that you can water and nurture on an ongoing-basis. We’re talking starting that Roth IRA (read our financial health blog HERE), opening that savings account, or putting away some petty cash. How can you be more sustainable when it comes to your spending?


This month is all about you, Cancer queen. Treat yourself to all the creature comforts—extra long bubble baths, face masks, and pedicures are strongly recommended, if not required. A spa day with friends may be in order, as you’re feeling more social this month.


It’s almost your time to shine, lioness. Until then, take the next few weeks to let go of any dead weight holding you back. Dating someone who ain’t it? At a job you’re not feeling anymore? Wearing clothes that don’t fit your fabulous aesthetic? Take a cue from Queen Bey: Release that bullsh*t.


This month is prime time to go on a getaway with friends. Even if it’s just a day trip somewhere, it’s important to see new sights in order to get a fresh perspective. Your travel buddies might open your mind in ways you couldn’t have anticipated. 


Cancer season illuminates your vocation and career, balanced bae. This month invites you to send that LinkedIn message or to clarify the big picture you’re working towards. Tend to your dreams and goals this month. The universe supports the legacy you’re actively pursuing.


Cancer Szn invites you to take a leap of faith. Whether there’s a class you’ve been wanting to enroll in, a new place you want to travel to, or a spiritual practice you want to try, now is the time to go for it! The universe asks you to follow your heart over your mind this month.


July brings your mental health into focus. How are you self-sacrificing or self-sabotaging? And how can you bring your relationship with self into greater balance with your relationships with others? This is a great month to implement self-care practices. Perhaps a new morning routine or ritual is in order?


This month majorly supports your dating and romantic life, Cap! Seriously, if you’re single, now’s the time to get out there. If you’re already coupled up, how can you nurture your connection with bae? The perfect date night this month is to cook a meal together. (And don’t be afraid to get messy with it. *winky face*)


Cancer Szn asks you to do some re-parenting work over the coming weeks. In what ways did your parents fall short when you were a child? How can you give yourself what you need now, as an adult? Sounds deep, and it is. But you of all people can go there, Aqua. Practice leaning into your feelings over your intellect.


If there’s been a creative project brewing in the back of your mind over the past few months, now is the time to get started. The stars encourage you to be brave and bold when it comes to your creative life. This self-expression can be a lot of things – a new makeup look, reinvented fashion choices, a drawing project, a short story, etc. Just get started. You may be surprised where the project takes you.

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