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Cancer SZN Novascopes

Self-care, getting in touch with your emotions, and nurturing your loved ones is what Cancer SZN is all about. Look at it as a great time to reconnect with others or spend a little extra time with those closest to you. Sentimental energy will be everywhere you look, but don’t try to fight it if it’s not necessarily your jam. Lean in and make the most of it -- you might find relationships with everyone strengthening, and that’s a great thing!


HBD, Cancer! This is the time for you to relax a bit, since you’ve been going so hard in all areas of your life up to this point. You deserve a little break. The work will always be there, but you, especially, are the type of person who needs the occasional recharge. These 30 days are a time for you to indulge and be a little selfish without feeling guilty. Go for it!


Leo, things have been frantic for you lately. You’re not sure where all this negative energy is coming from, but it’s there and instead of ignoring it, you need to conquer it. And if anybody can do it, it’s you. You’re a lion! You’re ruled by the sun! There’s nobody else quite like you, so gear up and do what you have to do to overcome this setback.


This is not a time for you to slow down, Virgo. So far you’ve been juggling a couple of goals, and you’re starting to feel that all those balls in the air are about to come down. Not on your watch! You’re going to keep those balls in the air and then some, meaning you’re going to accomplish each and every goal with precision. After all, that’s just the type of person you are.


Libra, you have the patience of a saint. Even when everything seems to be going to hell all around you, you’re the calm in the center of the storm. It’s no wonder that people always gravitate toward you. You might even say calmness is your very special superpower! Although things have been less than stellar, you are going to emerge victorious on the other side.


If Cancer season inspires you to step outside your comfort zone, Scorpio, DO IT. If you think about it, you might realize that you’ve been taking things a little too easy, especially by your standards. It’s time to hit the ground running once again, grab that to-do list, and check off each item like a boss. You were born with boss energy in every pore, so make sure you’re using it to your advantage.


Wow, Sagittarius, things have been so tough lately. You may or may not have been feeling a little stifled, a little trapped. On your worst days, it feels like you won’t be able to break out. But Cancer season is here to give you a little nudge. You have everything it takes to overcome any obstacle. The key is not only in believing in yourself, but also asking for help from others. Don’t be afraid.


Last month was a little bit dramatic, wasn’t it? And yet, you were able to still be grateful, count your blessings, and realize that you’re the boss of your own destiny. Capricorn, things won’t always go smoothly, but YOU will never lose your strength regardless. Channel your inner strength every day, and remember that you have always won in the end.


Lately some people have said you’ve been working too hard. You weren’t happy to hear that, Aquarius, because it’s a refrain you’ve heard again and again in the past. But maybe it’s time to cultivate a better work-life balance! You’re a hard worker, but you need down time just like anybody else. Allow Cancer season to give you a moment to recharge and reassess.


Pisces, your energy has been climbing for a while now. What a time to be alive! How can you maintain it though? With gratitude, of course. You probably already have a special gratitude journal, but if not, you need to get a notebook or notepad and start listing everything you’re grateful for. Do it and watch your life change and positive vibes come your way!


Aries, you’re feeling more reflective than ever right now. Known for being bold and passionate (sometimes to a fault!), you don’t always slow down to think about the future. Lately, however, a lot has been on your mind. Maybe it’s time to really focus on your immediate goals and how you can make them come true. You’re going to come out on top, but you need to slow down first.


Cancer SZN has you coming out of your shell in a BIG way, Taurus. Make sure to capitalize on the socially-focused energy heading your way over the coming month! You’ll find that conversations flow more naturally and making plans with other people is easy — especially now that Mercury retrograde is over. Put that “homebody” rep to the side, exhale, and let loose.


It’s time to get in your feelings, Gemini. You were vibrating on another level while celebrating your birthday last month, but Cancer SZN is here to bring you right back down to earth for a bit. Don’t run from this feeling, though! The universe is urging you to get focused on what really matters, like those unfinished projects that you’ve been putting off. You’re also feeling more sentimental than usual, so don’t be surprised if you end up reconnecting with old friends during this time, too.

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