June 2022 NovaScopes

Gemini Season NovaScopes

It’s officially Gemini Szn and we are ready to go wild! Send that text you’ll regret later, change your mind at an impressively rapid speed, talk sh*t like you have a degree in it – It’s Gemini Season!

With eclipse season behind us, June ushers in a lighter energy and we are so here for it.

We’ve got more amazing news, babes: Mercury Retrograde ends on Friday June 3rd!

Mini Astro Lesson: There’s a pre-shadow phase, three weeks before, and a post-shadow phase, three weeks after, Mercury Retrograde. So you get some foreshadowing of what retrograde season will bring before it actually starts and then you revisit and integrate the lessons you learned during retrograde during the three weeks following.

So, while things start getting easier on Friday, whatever you’ve been going through since May 10th will be reintegrated over the coming weeks.

Read on to learn what June has in store for you! Read according to your rising and sun sign.


This month invites you to get curious, Aries. You might want to finally pick up that book, podcast, or niche documentary you’ve been meaning to dive deep into. New ideas may come forth at such a fast pace you can’t keep up. Write down any insights and inspirations so you can put them into action next month.


Gemini season shines a light on your resources. Time to start a to-do list, create a budget, or make a spreadsheet to get you closer to your goals. Now’s the time to take practical, methodical steps forward. While we all love a bit of retail therapy, be weary not to overspend this month. Open a savings account instead. You’ll thank us later.


This month is all about you, queen bee Gem. It’s never a dull moment when you’re around. The universe wants you to take center stage and inspire others to embrace their own chaos simply by being who you are. June is the perf month to treat yourself to create comforts: Plan a spa day, get a mani/pedi, or sleep in an extra hour. You deserve it.


While everyone else is partying it up this Gemini season, you may find yourself wanting to be alone more than usual. Over the next few weeks, it’s important to make space for yourself. Spend time in the sanctuary of your home. The other signs may be partying it up in June, but honor your needs. Your time to shine is just around the corner.


This season is one of the most social times of year for you, lioness. You may find yourself making new friends and expanding your circle this month, just in time for summer’s poolside dancing and boat parties. Go to that festival. Date that new person. You never know who you’re going to meet!


Time to make career moves this month, Virgo! The universe is giving you a big push in the direction of your dreams. What legacy do you want to leave? How do you want people to remember you? You are building an empire and the following weeks help you to gain traction and embrace the boldest version of yourself.


Have summer travel plans? Plan a weekend getaway or a day trip. If you can travel abroad, even better! This is also a great time to reconnect to your personal spirituality, if you have one. June is going to be fun-filled and full of cosmic blessings. Keep your eyes open for synchronicities and coincidences. This month reminds you that life is magic.


June invites you to reevaluate your relationship to intimacy. This means intimacy with yourself, your partners, and life itself. This may sound meta, but we know you can go there, Scorpio. After all, you are the queen of depth. This month ask yourself, “Do I stay connected to myself when connecting with others?” Practice healthy boundaries.


If you’ve been dating someone, now is prime time to lock ‘em down, Sag. June is all about your 1-1 partnerships. This can be romantic, professional, or even a close friendship. It’s time to deepen connections with those who are important to you and give commitment a real shot. The stars are telling you to go for it!


This is the month to clean out your closet, start a workout regime, and just generally get your sh*t together. You’re good at that already, Cap. This month asks you to make your bed before you go wildin’ and reminds you to drink an extra glass of water with every drink you have.


Your dating life is getting activated right now, Aqua. Download the apps, go to the bars, or start doing activities your dream partner would do so you can find them. You’re feeling so good in your skin right now. Let others see you shine! You’re also supported in any creative endeavors this month. If you’ve always wanted to pick up painting or writing, do it now gf.


You may find yourself wanting to spend more time at home this month, Pisces. Instead of going to huge events, you may want to do more family BBQs or bonfires with close friends. If cooking is your thing, host a backyard dinner party. If not, find a floatie and just hang in someone’s pool. Spending time near the water this month will be soothing for the soul.

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