May 2022 NovaScopes

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Get your crystals ready for a big month ahead, girlfriend. We’ve got some significant astrology to contend with.

First thing’s first: we just entered Eclipse Season (April 25th - May 30th), which means we’re in a period of quick growth and abrupt change. Prepare to let go of the past and step into a whole new future at rapid speed.

We’ve also got Jupiter, the planet of blessings and good fortune, entering Aries on May 10th. We're about to move into high gear and take big leaps of faith in the direction of our dreams.

Do what you want! Try anything! Be chaotic! Who cares? Jupiter is in Aries!

So…What’s all this mean for YOU? Read on to find out.

Game-Changing Tip: Read your horoscope for your Rising Sign! If you know it, you'll get an even more accurate reading.


Your sense of security is under review this month. Perhaps you’re reevaluating your relationship with money. Or maybe the importance your inner/outer resources are coming into focus. Whatever it looks like for you, just remember you already have everything you need, bish.


This eclipse season is affecting your identity, as well as your relationship to yourself. Perhaps you’re undergoing some kind of physical change right now. Word to the wise: Treat yourself to bubble baths, leisurely walks, or any kind of self care that involves feeling good in your own skin. And we know that ain’t hard for you to do, Venusian Queen.


The hidden realm has lots of messages for you in the coming weeks. You don’t have to work hard to hear them, just allow yourself to rest and receive. We know your mind likes to figure it all out, Gem, but right now it just ain’t possible. Let go of what’s been burdening you. Try mindfulness or a practice that helps you clear your busy mind.


Your friendships are currently under review, Cancer Queen. Who your community is and how you cultivate community are in the spotlight this month. Pay attention to who you feel at home with and notice how you show up for others in return. You just might come out on the other side of this eclipse season with more fulfilling connections.


This month is bound to hold changes for your career or public image, lioness. Eclipses hold changes we cannot anticipate or prepare for. Simply notice where your inspiration guides you. You might find that by following little sparks of joy, you end up with a blazing fire of passion and purpose that’s sustainable for the long term.


This month your dreams and intuitions need to be listened to with extra care. They hold information that will help you take quantum leaps towards a new life. Pay attention to philosophies, movements, and teachings that are calling your name. They’ll help you be the change you wish to see.


This is a great time to jump into the dating scene or move from casual to official with that person you’ve been on-and-off with. If you’re in a committed relationship, your shared resources may need to be looked over with a fine tooth comb. Ask yourself and your partner, “What feels fair?


Your relationships are going to have some abrupt changes this month, Scorpio. Don’t freak out–This is a good thing! It will ultimately leave you in a better spot on the other side. Meanwhile, focus on building routines and structures that support your self-care and health.


The next few months are bound to revitalize your dating and sex life, Sag. Your summer assignment? Stay thirsty in a bikini on a beach. That said, don’t forget to tend to your day-to-day schedule and mental health. The more you take care of you, the more you’ll actually enjoy flirty fun with others.


Your relationship to your creativity and pleasure is undergoing a shift this year. Don’t try to finalize creative projects right now. We know you like structure, but maybe let yourself doodle and daydream a bit more this summer. The unexpected path may end up defining your legacy.


You might be moving or redefining home this year, Aquarius! The way to move through this change is communication. Have long talks with those who get you. Try journaling to unearth deeper feelings. This will help you to get clear on the changes you want to make.


Your perceptions are opening up in the coming months. What stories are you telling yourself? Is there another way of looking at things? What can you reframe? Approach perspective shifts from a place of groundedness within yourself.

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