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It’s officially Taurus SZN and spring is in full swing. With Venus ruling this sign, it’s definitely a time of indulgences and treating yourself. Beauty and pleasure are especially important for anyone with Taurus placements, so it makes sense to appreciate this season as a time for relaxation and self-care. Let’s explore the best ways to do that for each sign!


Your birthday season is over for now, Aries. While the turn up was real, you’re actually due to switch gears into a much slower and steady pace throughout Taurus SZN. But this is far from a bad thing! Adequate rest is a requirement for you to show up as your best self when it comes down to taking care of business. This would also be a great time to get your finances in order after splurging for your birthday. Remember, balance is key -- and we know you’ll find it during this period.


Happy birthday! It’s a special time for you and you should absolutely treat yourself to the fullest. With Mercury moving into your sun, however, it’s also a time for YOU to let those closest to you know how special they are. Luckily, your birthday gives you plenty of opportunity to thank those around you. As you are feeling the love and giving it back, make sure you are still fully invested in yourself and your future. This is a pivotal time for you. Use the good vibes the universe is pouring on you to make a risky move or two. Whether that’s financial, personal, romantic, or otherwise, you are sure to enjoy much success.


Gemini, you’re so ready for your season to come already. You’re definitely feeling a little antsy and restless right now as you anticipate goals and plans coming to fruition. As Taurus SZN unfolds, take the opportunity to recharge your batteries, but also to ask yourself: What dream or goal is most worthy of your energy right now? Once you have the answer, you can expend energy in that direction and gear up for your season to give you the drive to really get after it. Your dreams are so close you can taste them!


Although Taurus SZN advocates for rest and relaxation, you are not in the mood to slow down, Cancer. Things have been unfolding nicely for you the past few months, both personally and professionally. You want to keep that momentum going, so keep doing what you’re doing and save the breaks for later. Rest is always a positive, but if you feel that you’re firing on all cylinders, why not keep moving forward? The treasure at the end of the rainbow is within reach. Grab it!


Making power moves is practically your middle name, Leo. Ever since the end of last year, you’ve been going hard to achieve and accomplish. Recently, you even rewarded yourself for all that hard work and it feels amazing. Although you are raring to go even harder, allow Taurus SZN to help you unwind a little and indulge in your recent successes. We could all use a timeout every now and then while we celebrate our wins, whether big or small. You’ve earned this moment!


Others are always pointing out how picky you are, Virgo, but they don’t necessarily appreciate the importance of order the way that you do. Don’t let this criticism get to you or get in your way. However, Taurus SZN invites you to be more gentle with yourself and others. You may even need to make a more concerted effort to let things go. There will always be little annoyances (that’s just life), but the more you learn to live and let live, the happier you will be in the long run. You owe it to yourself!


Libra, lately life seems to be especially chaotic. You may be feeling overwhelmed and frazzled, but the good news is that Taurus SZN will help things calm down a bit. It’s a stop-and-smell-the-roses type of season, and you could certainly use a more relaxed approach at the moment. For the benefit of your mental health, take a deep breath and center yourself (maybe an indulgent massage or sound bath session are in order), and remember that the work will still be there no matter what. You’ll get to it when you get to it!


Taurus SZN is all about your personal growth, Scorpio. At the top of this year, you decided that old ways were no longer serving you and you’ve since made SO many positive changes to better your lifestyle. However, this shift means that quite a few of your personal relationships no longer feel the same. You might be feeling like you’re at a crossroads romantically and in your friendships, too. While it was certainly a good idea to declutter your energy, there are some people and things still worth holding onto. Introduce loved ones to the new you and remember they’re all here to support your journey to the best version of yourself!


Love is definitely in the cards for you this season, Sagittarius! But are you actually ready to receive it? You may have met someone really special recently, but despite your natural flirty demeanor and thirst for adventure, you’re holding yourself back this time. Did you happen to forget Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which is all about sensuality and indulgence? Basically, this is not the time to turn into a wallflower. If you’re vibing with someone, put it out there because it will be well received. You won’t regret acting on these feelings in the long run, trust us.


Capricorn, you’ve never been one to sit in discomfort for long. Lately, you haven’t been feeling fulfilled at work or in a business you are running. You may be hungry for something else you might not have had the courage to pursue before. With no-nonsense Taurus SZN upon us, take this opportunity to change your circumstances for the better. Whether it’s taking up a new creative outlet to help you channel that restless energy or completely overhauling your career, you can do it all right now. It is never too late to start something new, so consider it now while you are feeling super inspired.


You’re always in a “treat yourself” kind of mood, Aquarius. Honestly, the other signs could learn a thing from you! During this season of indulgence, you’re ramping up your self-care rituals and saying a confident YES to all of the things that make you feel good. We love to see it and we encourage you to lean on this attitude as challenges may arise throughout the year. Taurus SZN is going to leave you feeling refreshed, focused, and ready to crush all of your long and short-term goals!


Pisces, embrace the idea of Spring cleaning up your life right now. You know exactly what you’re capable when you’re organized and firing on all cylinders. Use this time to de-prioritize all of the tasks on your to-do list that don't speak to your soul or spark your creative fire. That way, you can focus on completing the things that really matter to you and you'll be more likely to knock those tasks out of the park too. This practice also makes space for new and exciting things to enter your life. Don’t be surprised if a jaw-dropping job offer or cant-miss opportunity falls into your lap shortly afterward! You’ll be exactly where you need to be to make such a big decision, and we’re rooting for you.

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