September NovaScopes

September NovaScopes

Hello, Virgo SZN! This cosmic time is all about cleaning up the fun party mess you made last month during Leo season. Thanks to detail-oriented Virgo, all signs can expect a much-needed boost to finally get our sh*t together and stay laser-focused on finishing this year strong. Keep scrolling to see what’s in store for your sun sign during Virgo season!


Virgo season signals cooling down from Hot Girl Summer and easing your way right into the calming vibes of Fall. For Aries, this means remaining present and staying put, which can be a challenge for someone as busy and passionate as you are. But think of this as a golden opportunity to create a productive new morning routine that puts mindfulness at the center of everything you do!


A fixed sign like Taurus is going to revel in the clean, clear and organized energy that Virgo SZN brings. You went outside of your comfort zone in a lot of ways last season, but you’re ready to get back on track with achieving your big goals. Remember that everything you want is within reach and you’ve got all of the tools to make it happen when you focus.


Gemini, you might not want to hear this, but the time has come for you to slow down and really focus on yourself. You’re usually moving at a million miles a minute. From work to your love life, you’ve been running on autopilot while trying your best to please everyone. However, the one person you can’t afford to disappoint is yourself. Take a step back to make sure you’re regularly engaging in self-care and catering to yourself as much as you are to everyone else.


Virgos have a reputation for being overly picky, but that’s exactly the kind of energy you resonate with, Cancer. In fact, you don’t see it as a bad thing at all! You’ve always been hyper aware of your own sensitivity and more discerning than most. Virgo season is a time for you to get real about what’s working and what’s not, including relationships, too. 


Your season has wrapped up, Leo. Despite thriving as the center of attention in most settings, you find yourself wanting to retreat from social gatherings lately. You’re enjoying more time alone and that’s totally okay! Use this time to recharge so you can continue to show up loud and proud when it matters most. 


HBD, Virgo! Your season is all about having fun, creatively flourishing, and enjoying the fruits of your labor. You deserve to celebrate yourself in every way. BTW, this is a great time to take some risks! That personal makeover you’ve been thinking about? Make it happen. And that risky new haircut? Go for it! Remind everyone just how special and versatile you truly are.


This is going to be your most transformative season yet, Libra. Admit it: this feeling has been building up for a while now. You’re slowly but surely breaking free from the typical Libra thing of playing both sides to the point where it curbs your ability to make solid decisions. Trust your intuition. Listen to it and nurture it now while you’ve got the conviction to do so!


Virgo season is here to remind you of the power of positive thinking, Scorpio. The coming month is a great time to get in touch with your values and find ways to use your gifts to help others. Resist the urge to retreat when uncomfortable emotions come up. Connect with friends to boost your mood or sign up for a volunteer gig. By leaning in and giving back right now, you can actually gain a lot for yourself.


Your professional life is being lit up with energy this month, Sagittarius, so buckle down and start making your career goals come true. Instead of showing off or getting overly critical of your performance, take the middle path. By simply being diligent, well-organized, and upping your attention to detail, you can get ahead at work and start impressing all the right people. Show ‘em how it’s done, Sag!


Lately you’ve been feeling like your needs haven’t been met, Capricorn. Whether at work, school or with your significant other, there’s been a lack of clear communication that’s left you feeling empty. Find new ways to bridge the gap this season. Use your words to ask for what you need and nip this negative energy in the bud before it spirals out of control! 


Aquarius, things are about to kick into full gear! You’re feeling more focused, more productive, and just better about yourself in every way. Continue to slay the game and show every other sign how it’s done. Go hard and don’t hold back because it’s that go-getter attitude that makes you incredibly attractive to anyone who lays eyes on you. Don’t be surprised if an admirer reveals themselves to you during this time!


Love is in the air, Pisces. Virgo season is lighting up your wild side and asking you to embark on some new adventures that’ll offer you some much-needed perspective on life and love. Whether that means planning out the details of an exciting trip, signing up for an interesting course, or saying yes to something that’s slightly out of your comfort zone (like a blind date!), now’s the time to do it.

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