Sheet Mask 101: How, Why & When

Sheet Masks

Wondering how to make the most of a face mask? You’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll explore some of the best sheet masks available on the market, and how you should use them to achieve beautiful, glowing, and healthy skin. Wave goodbye to dull and dehydrated skin, especially during the colder months of the year! 

How To Use A Sheet Mask

The truth is you might’ve been using sheet masks all wrong this whole time! Do you cleanse and tone before applying a sheet mask? Do you leave it on for at least 10 minutes? Do you pat the excess essence onto your skin after removing the sheet mask? Well...YOU SHOULD BE. 

Always cleanse the skin and remove makeup before putting on a sheet mask. You don’t have to necessarily use a toner, but if it’s part of your skin care routine already, then go right ahead. Apply the sheet mask on cleansed skin, patting it gently onto place. Leave on for between 10-20 minutes. After removing the mask, pat (don’t rub!) the excess onto your skin for extra hydration.

Why Use A Sheet Mask

Sheet masks, popularized by K-Beauty, have been around for quite a while now because they offer so many skin benefits and they’re so easy to use. The Lapcos sheet mask pack available on is a great value for one of the most popular skin care brands from South Korea. The pack includes 7 sheet masks, all of which serve a different purpose for skin. The Red Wine Mask improves elasticity to make skin feel firmer and look more youthful. The Pearl Mask helps brighten and clarify for a more even tone. The Seaweed Mask is the best choice for dehydrated skin, and hyaluronic acid is a main ingredient for providing deep hydration. The Vita C Mask helps calm stressed skin and also helps to brighten. The Cica Mask rejuvenates and nourishes the skin to keep it healthy and radiant. The Escargot Mask features snail extract as its secret ingredient to help promote luminosity. Finally, the Charcoal Mask helps draw out impurities and leave skin beautifully detoxed. 

When To Use A Sheet Mask

Depending on the mask, you can use a sheet mask on a daily basis. Many people enjoy using sheet masks as part of their daily skin care rituals. The process of applying the mask can also be so relaxing. If you don’t want to use a sheet mask every day, try twice or three times a week to fully take advantage of all the benefits.


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