10 Tips For Sliding Into Their DMs Successfully

Slide Into DM How To

No more eye and heart reacting to their stories, that's so 2019 (and quite frankly, hasn't gotten many people very far). Whether you're an icy girl or a glacier boy, we've got the tips for you to get their attention the right way in the DMs.

  1. An honest, genuine compliment goes a long way. Compliment their outfit, the food in a story they posted, or their smile!

  2. Pick-up lines are not only funny, they're also sexy! Find a few faves and keep them in rotation when that cutie crosses your TL.

  3. Nothing's worse than a dry DM. Don't send them just an emoji or "haha" in response. Ask them questions to continue the conversation!

  4. Send them a meme or a funny post you think they'd like, it'll make them laugh and it'll definitely help you stand out from the pack.

  5. Keep things light! Ask them a question related to what they've recently posted to keep the conversation flowing.

  6. Feel free to keep things a little flirty, but not too forward. You want to keep 'em guessing!

  7. Don't like pics from 402 weeks ago before you send a DM. We all know you already stalked this hottie for days, but THEY don't have to know that.

  8. Send a selfie in your hottest Fashion Nova 'fit. Be bold! There's no reward without some risk, so go ahead and snap that pic in your fave FN look and hit SEND.

  9. It's okay to double DM, but if they aren't responding or opening their messages after that, don't take it personally.

  10. If things don't go according to plan, it's okay, just roll with it and get right back up. Onto the next hottie!

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