Tap In: We're Saving Your Relationship With Can't-Miss Advice

Relationship Advice From FN HQ

By now, you’ve likely read more than a few relationship posts from our crew, all crafted with care to make sure our Nova Fam makes the best decisions when it comes to life and love! And we know what you might be thinking: “Oh no, not another relationship post…” But this time is DIFFERENT! We’re going even deeper and sharing sage advice from a group of people we know and love better than anyone else: ourselves.

We’ve asked our Nova Fam at Fashion Nova HQ to share their BEST pieces of advice for singles and couples. We hope that hearing it from us directly will remind you that you’re not in this alone and things WILL get better, whatever your relationship status is right now!  

Whether you’re single, dating, or committed, always remember these words of advice:

Make sure to support one another.

“It’s so important to make sure you are supportive in the decisions you both make. It’s a great feeling when you know you have the support from your significant other.” -Navarre, 28. Single.

Be with someone who brings out the BEST you.

“When do you feel the most comfortable? Your sexiest? Most inspired? The love of your life should bring that out and push you to be the best version of yourself.” -Mika,  27. Single.

Be with someone who is just as weird as you.

“You know all those goofy faces, dumb dances, and weird voices you do in the mirror? Find someone who you can do all those in front of and is not embarrassed to join you.” -Chris, 27. Taken.

Your relationship should feel like a safe haven!

“Relationships will always have ups & downs, but what makes a relationship last is finding someone who will go hard for you just as you do for them. Life throws curve balls then quickly turns calm but what's important is having a partner that values you for who you are, not who they want you to be. Find someone who makes you feel at home, not someone who keeps you searching for safe shelter.” -Breanna, 23. Taken.

Don’t ignore those red flags...

“Trust your gut. Don't wave away red flags (no pun intended) just because you are tired of being alone or really wanna be with someone. Those red flags will eventually turn into big problems, so trust your instincts. If something feels off, run for your life.” -Margarita, [redacted]. Single.

Find happiness within yourself, first!

“Find happiness within yourself first. Don’t rush into a relationship with the thought of someone completing you but with the thought of someone adding value to your life. If nothing makes you happy when you’re single, then nothing will make you happy in a relationship. Life has taught me to slow down and value other people’s time and efforts, and also to be more empathetic. It’s more important for me to show kindness and generosity.” -Kristina, 30. Taken.

It’s okay to have fun & play the field! Don’t rush or "dread" being single.

“You can only attract the level of love you feel for yourself. Before entering a relationship learn about yourself, have fun, and meet people. The right person will come at the right time… don’t worry!” -Loredana, 27. VERY single.    

When you’re ready to commit, be sure to love people for who they REALLY are.

“Don’t go into a relationship expecting to change them. It won’t happen. You need to learn to love a person as they are. Learn to find things that you’re both interested in outside of your relationship. It’s important to have your own time and space and it will make you value relationships if your entire being isn’t around the other person. Learn to appreciate your time together and make sure to make time for just the two of you, which gets harder and harder when you get kids. Everyone is busy but you need to carve time to keep that spark going.” -Erica, 40. Married.

Live life as if you’ve only got one shot at it.

“This is not a dress rehearsal. It's real life, so you gotta live, live, LIVE! The best relationship advice I can offer to someone single is to be with whoever adds value and bliss to your life. Do not worry about what anyone else thinks about who you want to be with. Life has taught me to be patient and become fulfilled with myself first. I had to learn to love and be happy with myself first before I could be in a fulfilling relationship.” -Paige, 27. Taken. 

If you’ve been together for a while, don’t stop trying NEW things!

“When it comes to intimacy, confidence is key! Get in an outfit or lingerie that makes you feel powerful and embrace that persona. It will make you and your partner feel comfortable, sexy, and free. Keep the spark alive: TRY NEW THINGS!! But also be thoughtful and always remind yourself why you fell for your partner in the first place. -Chappel, 27. Taken. 

Understanding your love language & your partner’s language is a MAJOR key.

“Understand their love language. Find ways to make the other person feel loved. Remember what sparked in the beginning of your relationship and continue to exercise it throughout the relationship. Alone time without any distraction is important to feel connected again. It takes a lot of effort.” -Heidi, 30. Taken. 

Remember that YOU are a prize.

“Let’s be real: it can get discouraging when you’ve been single for a while and haven’t been able to meet the right person. You might start to wonder if you should change who you are or lower your standards just to be able to say you’re in a relationship. But even if that works, are you able to live with the fact that you settled? Or keep up a persona that isn’t really you? Stay true to yourself & keep working on your personal growth. It’ll attract who’s REALLY meant for you.”  -Christine, 28. Single.

Commitment is a beautiful thing, but you’ve got to keep working at it. 

“Pick your battles because you will never see eye to eye on everything. But when an argument happens, get it all out & settle it then & there. I'm not saying I haven't gone to bed angry...because I definitely have! But I do not hold onto resentment of any kind, it will cause unnecessary stress in a relationship.” -Jen, 42. Married.

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