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The 10 Hottest Lingerie Styles + How To Take A Sexy Selfie

10 Lingerie Pieces

There's nothing to dislike about lingerie. It can be cozy, sexy, or almost too-hot-to-handle, but no matter what, it's always an essential you need in your drawer. We love our confidence-boosting styles that work on all types of NovaBabes, so we decided to showcase the top 10 hottest styles right now, and, as a bonus, we're even giving you sexy lingerie selfie tips!

1. Babydoll


Be sexy without being over-the-top. Not everyone wants lingerie to be off-the-charts hot. So if you’re not ready for a body stocking (more on that later), opt for a beautiful satin and lace babydoll for sleep and for those bedroom games. You know the ones.

2. Teddy

Make Me Work For It Teddy

Lace teddys, FOR THE WIN. Like corsets, teddys are a classic lingerie item. And they look amazing on everyone -- hugging curves, pushing up boobs, and showing off that booty. Basically they’re like bodysuits, but a lot more provocative. We recommend ‘em for a spicy time post-date night.

3. Satin Robe

high res-9

“Robes aren’t sexy lingerie,” you think to yourself as you read this. But we’re here to tell you they are. Especially if you ain’t wearin’ anything underneath. See what we mean? A short satin robe leaves something to the imagination, and it happens to be comfortable without sacrificing style. Win-win.

4. Corset

One More Night Mesh Corset

Corsets are a classic. Women used to wear them hundreds of years ago on a daily basis. Not sure how they breathed with those tight lace-ups, but today’s corsets are not so constricting. They’re still sexy as hell though. Reminder: You can wear them as outerwear with a pair of distressed FN skinny jeans.

5. Garter 3-Piece Set

Garter Set 2

You see garters in movie lingerie scenes for a reason: THEY’RE HOT. We’ll admit they’re not exactly practical, but hey, that’s not necessarily the point of sexy lingerie. What is the point? To raise your confidence and make you feel like your best self. Oh, and to get your partner salivating.

6. Mesh 2-Piece Set

Mesh 2 Piece 2

A mesh 2-piece set is perfect for NovaBabes who love to turn up the heat. This type of lingerie definitely has bite, but depending on what you choose, it can be comfy too. It's not your typical style of lingerie, but bae will love it guaranteed. Obsessed, TBH.

7. Strappy Styles

Strappy Style Lingerie

Straps give BDSM vibes, if you don’t mind us saying so. Some might find them too risque, but sometimes it’s nice to flaunt your wilder side. It all depends on your mood that day, or what you have in mind for play. Wink wink.

8. Lace Romper

Lace Romper 3

Lace rompers for sleep? Who would’ve thought? Us, that’s who. If you’re used to wearing a two-piece set to bed, why not switch it up with a sexy lace-trim romper? Even if you’re sleeping solo, it’s nice to feel sensual and glam. P.S. Feeling a bit daring? Add a belt and heels and wear your romper out on the town!

9. Cozy Bralette

Live A Little Fun Lace Bralette

Is cozy sexy? Yes. Just look at this bralette! We love lace as much as the next person, of course, but we appreciate cotton too. And anyway, it’s all about cut when it comes to sexy lingerie. This bralette offers some coverage, but it’s the kind of casual hot anyone can appreciate.

10. Body Stocking

Need You Tonight Lace Up Fishnet Bodystocking

Look, we know this is not for the faint of heart. This one’s for NovaBabes like Cardi B and anyone else who loves to be a little wild and bold. You might want to save this one for a very special occasion, however. If you catch our drift!


Lingerie Selfie

1. Choose a well-lit, possibly luxurious location. Of course your bedroom always works too, especially if you have silk or satin sheets, or you got a four-poster bed situation happening. Just make sure there isn't a ton of clutter in the background and that your bed is made.

2. Natural light will offer a softer, more sensual vibe than artificial light. Consider a room with lots of windows.

3. Pick your outfits carefully. We recommend your sexiest and most interesting-looking lingerie. For example, a lace teddy is always a good choice, as are brightly colored bras and panties. Vivid hues will pop in a photo, although black and white are classics for a reason.

4. Keep your poses seductive but not too contrived. Well, unless you want the selfie to be as dramatic as possible. Otherwise, you can do some iconic poses like the arched back, hands on your hips, close up with pouting lips, etc.

5. Don't be afraid to add some jewelry or other accessories to your 'fit to spice things up. Heels can look savage with a hot lace set, but you knew that already.

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