The Most Romantic TV Shows & Movies To Watch On V-Day!

Romantic TV Shows & Movies For Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up, guys! Are you excited? Dreading It? Indifferent? Honestly, a case can be made for all of those moods.

Despite how you might be feeling, we can’t think of a better way to spend the holiday of love than with a romantic movie or TV show! Whether you’re cuddling up with Bae, hanging with your BFFs, or riding solo, we’ve got you covered with an amazing list to choose from to get you in the lovey-dovey mood.  So, grab the remote, plenty of your favorite drinks & snacks, light a sultry scented candle, and press play on any of these titles for an unforgettable, cozy night in! 

1. Bridgerton (Netflix)

Netflix's Bridgerton is almost like the CW’s Gossip Girl, but set in the 1800s with lavish gowns, corsets, LOTS of sex, and plenty of the high society drama you never knew you needed!!! Also, we dare you NOT to fall in love with the Duke Of Hastings.

2. The Photograph (HBO Max)

Issa Rae puts her comedic chops aside to star in a deeply moving and romantic love story alongside Lakeith Stanfield called The Photograph. The two easily remind you how strong and beautiful Black love is, particularly in the face of personal loss and adversity.

3. Too Hot To Handle (Netflix)

A group of sexy singles link up in paradise for the chance to find their soulmate and win $100K. The big catch? They have to remain CELIBATE to win the money! Phew, this is a wild one.

4. Outlander (Netflix)

This show follows a modern 20th century woman as she unintentionally travels back through time to 1743 Scotland. It’s equal parts adventure and romance as she must adapt or die, and figure out how to make it back to her life and husband in the present.

5. Palm Springs (Netflix)

What happens when two strangers meet at a wedding, have a one night stand, and get stuck in an infinite time loop together? Hilarious chaos! And falling in love is the only way out, of course!

6. Crazy, Stupid, Love (Hulu)

Everything you need to know about this one is in the title! If you’ve hit a rough patch in your relationship, this movie will perfectly guide you through the highs and lows of love. Did we mention there was shirtless Ryan Gosling involved? Yep, that too.

7. Friends With Benefits (Hulu)

Could you be simply friends with benefits when you’ve got chemistry as hot as Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis did on-screen?! Doubtful, but watch and find out for yourself!!!

8. Hitch (Amazon Prime)

This movie is a straight up classic. Watching the wildly funny Will Smith & sassy yet sultry Eva Mendes fall in love will give you all the feels and remind our singles that your person is definitely still out there!

9. Love, Simon (Hulu)

Sit back, relax, and watch one of the most adorable young adult queer love stories we’ve seen in a while in Love, Simon! It'll be especially impactful for anyone who's gathering the courage to be honest about their sexuality. Love is love, y'all!

10. The Notebook (Hulu)

Widely considered as one of the greatest romantic comedies of all time, did you think we could make this list without The Notebook? This love story is simply beautiful, heartfelt, and slightly toxic, depending on who you ask -- but it WILL make you appreciate that forever kind of love!

11. Think Like A Man (Hulu)

Think Like A Man explores the wild games men and women BOTH play to get what they ultimately want out of life & love. It’ll give you all the feels, but with an all-star cast including the likes of Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Hart, and Regina Hall, you’ll also get all of the BIG laughs, too!

Happy Valentine's Day and happy watching, Nova Babes!

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