The Top 4 Trends You NEED For Spring 2021

Top 4 Trends of Spring 2021

Cooped up in your house all winter in layers is starting to get boring, isn't it? Thank goodness for spring on the horizon, and all the pretty, sexy, and femme styles it's going to bring. Spring Fling? Yes, please!

Spring is looking LIT with lots of sexy 'fits in vibrant hues and pretty prints (florals for spring? groundbreaking). We're ditching the florals for now and focusing on the most popular tops, denim trends, details, and, of course, the most popular color for the season! Let's go!

Main Look Of The SZN: Scarf Tops

Pink Scarf Top

As spring will bring much-anticipated warmer temps, the layers will come off and you’ll finally be able to show off some skin! Scarf tops will be huge this season because they look pretty and femme, but also have a unique vibe to them. Not to mention, the sex appeal is through the roof on these tops! Check out some sexy options (below):

Color Of The SZN: Sage Green

Sage Green Dress Mini

Sage green has been gathering momentum (and rave reviews!) all through winter, but it’s true time to shine is in the spring. This gorgeous color is universally flattering and has the distinction of being a breath of fresh air in a sea of pinks and blues -- no offense to traditional pastels, but it’s nice to have a change! Here are some of our sage green faves:

Denim Trend Of The SZN: Side Splits

Side Split Denim Jeans

Side splits on jeans are GREAT for showing off your cute spring sandals. They’re also not an over-the-top trend that will go out of style anytime soon, which is obviously a good thing since we all aspire to looking timeless. Celebrate this trend with some truly unique and sexy shoe styles!

Detail Of The SZN: Ruching

White Mini Dress

Ruching stays winning all year long, but it’s especially stylish in the spring and summer seasons because it accentuates your bod without being hidden by layers. Try a pair of bottoms with ruching along the backside to help give your booty a boost, and definitely rock a cute ruched dress with ties so you can adjust the length on the hem!

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