The Ultimate Online Dating Report

Lifestyle 11.16.22
The Ultimate Online Dating Report

Love in the digital age can feel overwhelming AF. We’ve all tried the apps. And we all know it can be…complicated. That’s why we put together this online dating report, so you can get a little help navigating the wild world of app dating.


Before we go waving any red flags though, let’s give you the rundown: In May 2022, we asked over 500 women who signed up for dating apps what features they consider to be red flags. To further gather the tea, we searched Google Trends search volume to determine which states are the most obsessed with meeting their online matches. Keep reading to find out reasons why some don't swipe right. 

Online Dating Red Flags


First impressions are everything—especially in online dating. While everyone has different reasons for swiping left and right on a profile, can we agree on some of the most common profile faux pas?

We all know the pictures you use are key! Photos of people doing activities show how they like to spend their free time. According to our study, there are plenty of fish in the sea; you just shouldn't post a picture with the catch. 51% of the female respondents are swiping left on profiles with guys holding a fish. Replace the fishing rod with an instrument, and your DMs will be overflowing.

Important alert for men: the era of the gym selfie is over. 45% say one or two are okay, while 43% feel the opposite.

Are you someone who uses filtered photos on your dating profile? We're all guilty of using filters, but 31% of the singles don't want to see them in your dating profile.

We all know the classic dating rule: Let the guy make the first move. It applies to the online dating world too. 81% of women say they will wait for the guy to message first after matching.

What Makes an F-Boy


There are many ways to differentiate an F-boy from a real man. According to our study, there are many clothing items every lady should steer clear of.

To help showcase these items, we decided to build a few outfits that scream “F-boy.” Outfit number one: a trucker hat, camo shirt, complementing camo pants, and crocs. The chances of seeing this man at the gas station buying a vape at 8 a.m. are very high. On the other hand, outfit number two screams early 2000s frat bro: a fedora, deep V shirt, skinny jeans, and Sperry’s. Fit number three is your typical surfer boy: puka shell necklace, tank top, cargo shorts, and five-toe shoes. This guy is obviously way too chill to have a girlfriend. Our survey also found men in vests or flip-flops are also a turnoff.

The Best States for Dating Apps


Once upon a time, we could've found our soulmate locking eyes across the Blockbuster aisle. But, times have changed. Online dating has its pros and depending on where you live, it may be where you find your happily ever after. If you live in D.C., Vermont, Rhode Island, Wyoming, and North Dakota, you're in luck!

What Not to Include on Dating Profiles

We asked our lovely ladies to tell us some of their personal online dating red flags they look out for a while they're swiping. Here are some big red flags to be aware of while swiping through dating apps or making your own profile.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks to online dating and dating apps, you and the potential love of your life are only swipes away. Once you find a man waving a healthy green flag, Fashion Nova has all your first date essentials. Whether you’re going on a casual lunch, rooftop lounge, or dinner date, you’ll find the perfect date night outfit without leaving your house.

Happy Swiping!

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