The Ultimate V-Day Playlist To Get You In The Mood

The Ultimate V-Day Playlist To Get You In The Mood

Valentine’s Day is almost here, Nova Fam! Whether you’ve got a romantic Valentine’s Day date night planned with bae or turning up with your besties for Galentine’s Day, here’s something we all can agree on: a playlist can seriously make or break your plans for a good time. But don’t worry — you know we LOVE playing DJ.

From heartfelt ballads to fun dance tracks, these songs are perfect for whatever vibe you’re going for on February 14!

1. Beyoncé - Crazy In Love

Beyoncé has SO many love songs that could easily make this list. But not only is “Crazy In Love” so much fun to sing and dance to, it also perfectly describes how falling head over heels in love can have you looking, well, a little crazy sometimes! Don’t worry, your man will appreciate this kind of crazy.

2. Rihanna - Love On The Brain

Remember when Rihanna actually used to sing? LOL, us too, and we’re forever obsessed with her timeless love ballad “Love On The Brain.” Those vocal chops did NOT come to play, honey! Have a box of tissues nearby if you’ve got a special someone you’re thinking about...

3. Kehlani - All Me feat. Keyshia Cole

Kehlani is known for writing some of the best breakup songs we’ve ever heard. But on “All Me,” she teams up with Keyshia Cole for a smooth bop that’s dedicated to a man who’s finally shown her a love that’s real and has her crushing like never before. We have ALL the feels for this one!

4. Cardi B - Please Me feat. Bruno Mars

The title really gives it all away, doesn’t it? Press play on this fun, sexy track to let your bae know it’s time to put away the fancy gifts and chocolate and get down to business on V-Day date night!

5. Adore You - Harry Styles

It’s hard not to get in your feelings listening to Harry Styles croon that he’d “walk through fire for you, just let me adore you.”Just remind bae that adoring you also means purchasing your entire cart, just because. Please and thank you! *bats eyelashes* 

6. Frank Ocean - Thinkin’ Bout You

OK, fair warning: this one might just make you want to call your ex! We’ll let you make the call on that one, but “Thinkin’ Bout You” is really such a beautiful love song and who knows, maybe they’ve been “thinking about forever,” too.

7. Disclosure - Latch feat. Sam Smith

We think this lyric belted out by Sam Smith really describes that one-of-a-kind love we all crave. He sings, “you enchant me, even when you're not around/If there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down.” Now, THAT’s a love worth fighting for! Not to mention, this beat is such a banger!

8. John Legend - All Of Me

Although John Legend wrote this ballad for the love of his life Chrissy Teigen, it’s so easy to feel the raw emotion behind these soulful lyrics like they’re your own. Dedicate this one to the love of your life this year and we guarantee you they’ll never forget it!

9. Perfect - Ed Sheeran 

“Perfect” is as good as it gets for Valentine’s Day because it represents all that it means to be in love and wanting to grow with your person. If you’re not good at finding the right words, the original or the official duet version of this song with Beyoncé is a perfect choice to wow your partner.

10. Justin Bieber - Intentions

Isn’t it wonderfully validating when you find the right person and you NEVER have to second guess their loving intentions for you? We appreciate the Biebs for putting that feeling into song with a really dope beat to match.

11. Drake - Best I Ever Had 

Put on Drake’s timeless bop “Best I Ever Had,” to let your partner know that despite your ups and downs together, they’re the best you’ve ever had (everyone loves a confidence boost!) and you wouldn’t trade them for anybody else!

12. Giveon - World We Created 

If you haven’t given R&B newcomer Giveon a listen yet, then you need to tap in immediately. Giveon’s voice is uniquely impressive and on “World We Created,” he takes us into his dream of waking up next to the one he loves, who he promises to never "switch up like the seasons." Loooove it!

13. Doja Cat - Streets

It’s the song you’ve heard all over TikTok and just about everywhere at this point! Doja Cat’s “Streets” describes that can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t think kind-of-love that you’d go anywhere and do anything for. How about you send bae your location, put something sexy on, and tell them to come through? Enjoy!

14. Saweetie feat. Doja Cat - Best Friend

We can't forget our single ladies! This is THE anthem for you & your crew on Galentine’s Day! Who cares if you don't have a bae right now? Don’t forget to shower your bestie with the same amount of love you’d show a significant other, ‘cause she’s always got your back like no other.

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