Best Swimsuit Styles For The Upside Down Bikini Trend

Best Swimsuit Styles For The Upside Down Bikini Trend

Bikini SZN is here, so turn that frown–or bikini–upside down. Deliver the perfect dose of cleavage with this revealing trend.

How To Wear An Upside Down Bikini? 

It’s time to turn things upside down–literally. Like the wise Missy Elliot once said, “Is it worth it? Let me work it. I put my thing down, flip it, and reverse it”. And trust us, it’s worth it.

First and foremost, this requires a bathing suit with four strings. Once you find one, or buy one, flip your bathing suit upside down. The upside-down effect is achieved by positioning the gathered part of the bikini top, which would usually rest under the breasts, at the sides instead.

The strings usually tied around your neck swap places with the back strings, then voilá–instant boob job. The easy trick’s scoop neckline works wonders. To make it more stylish, play around with the straps.

If strings aren’t your thing, you’re in luck! The upside down bikini trend is the mother of versatility. Once your bottom is your top, take the straps hanging down and criss-cross them over your chest. Tie the shortened string around your back, leaving two tight knots. 

Best Swimsuit Styles

Here are 8 of our favorite styles for a sizzlingly hot summer.

Busy Dreaming Butterfly Bikini 

You can never go wrong with a classic bikini top. Heads will turn no matter what and that timeless triangle becomes the hottest new trend when turned upside down! 

Peacock Paradise Bikini

This suit will make you shine like the diamond you are–this baddie is proof. Bring hints of glitz and glam into your swimwear wardrobe.

Sun Kiss Glow Set

For our girlies who love to conserve their energy, get the upside bikini look without actually flipping it! The bandeau top and bungee tie set’s detail give the reverse illusion. 

Beach Butterfly Set 

This is another one that you won’t actually have to flip to get the most out of the upside down bikini trend. The cut-out design is a fun option for those interested in the upside down bikini strapless look. 

Find Me By The Pool Bikini 

Because the triangles scrunch up on this suit’s string, you get a curvier neckline when you flip it upside down and can control the amount of cleavage you show. It’s practically begging to be worn during an impromptu Hawaii photoshoot.

Time For A Vacay Teeney Bikini 

This unpadded triangle top molds and lends gentle support while providing ultimate comfort. You can’t go wrong with this Tina Snow-certified bikini.

Vacation Jungle Sequins Set 

What do you get when you combine two trends? A masterpiece. Snakeskin is one of those things that never went out of style. Just like animal print, it’s a timeless classic.

Summer Link Up Latex Bikini 

Theme: all black everything. While latex isn’t the most elastic material, the strings freely move within channels in the triangles, so you can still get that perfect fit when you flip it!

Need Some Photoshoot Inspo?

Upside Down Bikini Trend Inspiration

Going to the beach isn’t about getting in the water; it’s about the bathing suit photoshoot in front of it. And, of course, celebrities and influencers have been on the latest swim trend, and we’re keeping track. They’re as obsessed as we are!

Would it be a trend if the KarJenners didn’t join the fun? Kendall, Kourtney, and Kylie embraced the upside down bikini style while having some fun in the sun. Kylie wore the blue version of Kourtney’s, while Kendall showed off her physique in a patterned one.

Other celebs who turned up the heat in this style include Addison Rae, Bella Hadid, Megan Thee Stallion, Olivia Culpo, and more. 


Wearing your bathing suit the right way is so last year. Upside down bikini tops are a guaranteed way to be as hot as a summer’s day.

Not sure what to look for? To get started on your sexy switch-up today, run this world with a little number from our 2022 swim collection. Or, for more diva-worthy fashion tea, keep it real on the Fashion Nova blog.

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