Where To Travel Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Your Dream Travel Destination: Ambergris Caye, Belize

Aries, the world can be a lot for you at times, and if anyone needs a vacay to cool off, it’s definitely you. At Ambergris Caye, you can go scuba diving, enjoy multiple water sports, and simply hang out on the beach drinking your fave cocktail (or mocktail). The beauty of Belize’s largest island will both entrance you and calm your soul. Pencil it onto your list of dream getaways, add it to your bucket list, whatever -- just make sure you go.


Your Dream Travel Destination: Ipanema Beach, Brazil

Taurus, you love beauty in all things. That includes foreign locales where people flaunt themselves with confidence, regardless of shape or size. Ipanema Beach in Brazil is one of the most iconic beaches in the world, and visitors love to wear the teeniest ‘kinis and get their tan on. They also love to see and be seen. You’ll fit right in! Make sure you have an entire separate suitcase with swimsuits and matching cover-ups, though.


Your Dream Travel Destination: French Riviera

Gemini, you’re a star through and through. The French Riviera is right up your alley with its lavish, luxe vibes. What could be more fun than beach-hopping from St Tropez to Cannes and back again, wearing a sexy maillot (that’s French for one-piece swimsuit), practicing your accent on the gorgeous servers at the various cafes, and generally just indulging yourself? We bet you can’t think of a better alternative.


Your Dream Travel Destination: Kauai, Hawaii

As a water sign, Cancer, you love all things blue and wet and at just the right temperature to keep you comfortable. Kauai is a shining gem of the Pacific and you won’t get bored (or crabby!) for even a second with all of the activities you can do there. Nicknamed “The Garden Isle,” Kauai features a lush rainforest covering much of its surface. Prepare for the time of your life when you get there!


Your Dream Travel Destination: Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Ever been to Fiji? Leo, you were destined to dig your toes into the sandy shores of its Mamanuca Islands. While this destination will most assuredly satisfy your need to feel fancy and luxe, it will also give you plenty to do. You can surf the waves, explore the gorgeous coral reefs, enjoy some retail therapy, eat the most delicious seafood ever, and so much more. We can hear you roaring in delight already!


Your Dream Travel Destination: Siem Reap, Cambodia

You have a reputation for being picky, Virgo. But there’s nothing wrong with that when you’re picking a place you’re going to be spending your hard-earned vacation time! Siem Reap is beautiful, historical, and magical. It’s also completely contemporary with a lively nightlife, but don’t forget to visit the gorgeous temples of Angkor Wat, dating back to the 9th century. Pro Tip: Wake up early to watch the sunrise over Angkor Wat! You won’t be sorry.


Your Dream Travel Destination: Barcelona, Spain

Like Taurus, you appreciate beauty so much, Libra. Destinations renowned for their beautiful architecture and art speak to your soul. Barcelona just happens to be one of the most iconic places in all of Europe (and that’s really saying something), where you can marvel at the stunning, soaring architecture of the Sagrada Familia and more of Gaudi’s masterpieces. P.S. Don’t forget to get your fill of all the jugs of sangria and plates of tapas, too!


Your Dream Travel Destination: Cairo, Egypt

Scorpio, your intensity has found its match in Cairo. One of the most historically mysterious and fascinating places ever, Egypt is a must-see for anyone who appreciates history. Take a boat ride on the Nile, visit nearby Giza to see the majestic pyramids and the Sphinx, walk through the Egyptian Museum and see with your own eyes all the marvels of the ancient world. You’ll come away from the experience a completely changed person, trust us!


Your Dream Travel Destination: Phuket, Thailand

As an adventurous soul, Sagittarius, you need to feel alive at all times. Phuket is the place for you, for sure! Explore, indulge, and relax during the day, and prepare for nonstop fun at night. The raucous club scene will keep you on your toes, and when you finally wake up in the morning (like around noon?), you can just head to the nearest beach for a quick dip or tanning sesh. We can already sense you shaking with excitement at the prospect.


Your Dream Travel Destination: Boracay, Philippines

Capricorn, you need to unwind as much as you can. You’re such a hard-worker, and it seems like you never stop. Let the Philippines give you a chance to recuperate on beautiful Boracay Island, where there is so much to do and so much to see. Enjoy a sunset cruise, go helmet diving, scuba diving, or parasailing, then head to one of the many luxurious restaurants in the evening to take a moment to yourself. Life is good.


Your Dream Travel Destination: Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg is a cosmopolitan megacity that has so much to offer and teach. Aquarius, you will find much to learn and examine while visiting the Apartheid Museum and the former home of Nelson Mandela (make sure to also stop by the Johannesburg Art Gallery). Walk Commissioner Street top to bottom and find yourself passing by restaurants, shops, and the Arts on Main district. Your insatiable curiosity for knowledge and NEW will surely be satisfied at this remarkable place.


Your Dream Travel Destination: Monteverde, Costa Rica

Pisces, you live for nature. It rejuvenates your soul. Monteverde is basically a dream-come-true for you, with its cloud forests, thousands of species of animals (kinkajous!), and the incredible Selvatura Butterfly Garden and Insect Museum. You are often accused of having your head in the clouds, but nobody will bother you about that when you’re in a literal cloud forest. You’ve found your happy place.

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