Women-Owned Beauty Brands On NovaBeauty You're Gonna LOVE

Women Owned Beauty Brands on NovaBeauty

Women have had a huge impact on the beauty industry. They are the majority of the consumers and targeted audience for it, and in recent years, more women are stepping up like never before to be the CEOs and founders of their own brands. At Fashion Nova, we are so proud to represent 11 women-owned beauty brands as part of our NovaBeauty platform. From multi-tasking beauty products and CBD-infused skincare to lip plumpers and hair extensions, there are so many incredible products for you to discover and love. 

Wander Beauty

Wander Beauty Undereye Masks

Wander Beauty was created by entrepreneur Divya Gugnani and former Victoria’s Secret supermodel Lindsay Ellingson. As multi-tasking career women and moms, they needed beauty products that worked as hard as they do. Each Wander Beauty multi-tasking product is co-created with the Wander Beauty community and enriched with clean, globally sourced ingredients. With 30+ beauty awards in five years, including Allure’s Best of Beauty Awards, Wander Beauty is now a favorite of beauty editors, influencers, and women all over the world. Celebrity fans include Emma Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Heidi Klum.


PRETTYPARTY Hair Ponytail Extensions

PRETTYPARTY was founded in 2017 in Los Angeles by Laura Mayer. Its goal is simple: to provide people of every age, ethnicity, and lifestyle with fashionable, innovative designs and products that save time and money, promote health as an integral element of beauty, and create eye-catching, shareable looks. PRETTYPARTY’s hair extensions are handmade and color blended using the highest quality Japanese and Korean fiber. Instantly transform your look within seconds by adding length, volume, texture, and color to your hair for a seamless and glamorous look. Protective styling allows you to wear the extension in a long ponytail, braided, twisted, or wrapped up into a finished or messy bun depending on the look you desire.

Lemonhead LA 

Lemonhead LA Glitter Pots 2

Artist Megan Dugan founded Lemonhead LA in 2015 while on unemployment. Since then, the brand has skyrocketed, with makeup artists using the glitter balms on their celebrity clients all the time (Beyonce famously wore it during her iconic Coachella performance in 2018). Other makeup brands have also attempted to duplicate Lemonhead LA’s formulas for their own glitter products. One of the most amazing things about the glitter balms is that they are completely mess-free - you won’t even leave any residue on your fingers or hands after application! Furthermore, each product is handcrafted in small batches by Megan and her team of artists in Los Angeles.

Makeup Eraser 

Makeup Eraser Pink

Elexsis McCarthy founded The Original Makeup Eraser in 2013, and today her creation is the #1 sustainable makeup remover in the world, equivalent to 3,600 makeup wipes. The Original Makeup Eraser removes all traces of makeup with just water, no chemicals or oils. It is better for the environment (reusable for 3-5 years), antibacterial, machine washable, dermatologist approved, and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It even works for waterproof mascara, eyeliner, lipstick - pretty much whatever makeup you put on your face. Ultra-soft and gentle, The Original Makeup Eraser is a must-have!


Girl + Hair Cloud Cream

GIRL + HAIR’s mission is to empower women to embrace their culture and natural hair. Created by Dr. Camille Howard-Verovic, and inspired by Dr. Camille’s own journey as an African-American woman looking for the right hair care products, GIRL + HAIR was formulated for nourishing natural or relaxed hair while wearing protective styles. All of Dr. Camille’s products have been specially developed for easy use and application. She is determined that users of GIRL + HAIR can boast a head full of healthy and thick hair, and only uses protective, fortifying, and conditioning natural ingredients to maximize the growth and strength of your hair.

Vike Beauty 

Vike Beauty Makeup Remover

Vike Beauty was created in 2019 by sisters Alina and Inessa Vike, who are only in their 20s. If you’re the type who hates removing makeup, Vike Beauty is here for you. You don’t have to admit that you sometimes sleep with your makeup on (we won’t judge), but with Vike’s magical Makeup Melt spray, you’ll never be too lazy to do remove your makeup before bed again. Just spray onto dry skin, melt makeup off by moving your hands in circular motions, and rinse with water. It removes every stitch and feels so satisfying.

Baja Bae 

Baja Bae Happy Glo Lucky Drops

Baja Bae was created when lifelong best friends Carly Paiker and Tamarin Oblowitz realized there was a real need for a tanning product that was all-natural, smelled delicious, and didn’t leave any sticky or oily residue on skin. Baja Bae’s Happy Glo-Lucky Drops is a tanning accelerant lotion made with real caramel extract. It leaves a gorgeous bronze glow all over skin, and helps you get a deeper, darker tan. When not in the sun, you can also use it as a highlighter for skin!


Undefined Beauty CBD Glow

Undefined Beauty is a female founded, Black-owned, inclusive, and clean skincare brand using “plant magic” to revolutionize skincare. Their CBD-infused products nourish, hydrate, and support skin to help it look its best and be the healthiest it can be. CEO Dorian Morris is a big proponent of democratizing beauty and wellness to make them much more inclusive and accessible to all, and in de-stigmatizing CBD. CBD is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powerhouse. It penetrates deeply into the skin to fight free radical damage, rebalancing skin and reducing oxidative stress to fight signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. Regular use of Undefined Beauty’s bestselling serums will make skin appear smoother, healthier, and more youthful.


Shadowmoon Eyeshadow Shield

ShadowMoon was created by two sisters who wanted an easier and more sustainable solution to applying eye makeup. ShadowMoon is a silicone reusable shadow shield that makes both eyeshadow and eyeliner application a breeze! It doubles as an under-eye cooler (pop it in the fridge or freezer and use it to de-puff and soothe the eye area). It’s also extremely easy to clean. Conquer eye shadow and eyeliner application with this remarkable product and never look back.

Project Lip 

Project Lip Plumping Gloss

Founded by makeup artist Joy Howieson in 2017, Project Lip uses the world’s hottest chili pepper for its innovative lip plumpers, so don’t be too shocked at the tingle you get when using it. The results are incredible, though! The ingredients in Project Lip products stimulate collagen and give lips a more defined shape. Try the Lip Plumping Kit, which includes a lip scrub, lip mask, and lip plumping primer for your best lips ever.

Hyper Skin 

Hyper Skin Hyperpigmentation Serum

What you see is what you get with Hyper Skin! Founded by Desiree Verdejo in 2019, Hyper Skin is rooted in multiculturalism and inclusivity, and offers hyper-targeted, straightforward skincare solutions that do exactly what they promise. Tackling hyperpigmentation first and foremost in order to give people of color a reprieve from dark spots and acne scarring, Hyper Skin is super results-oriented and dedicated to helping its users have healthy, even-toned, glowing skin.

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