8 Essential Style Tips to Boost Your Wardrobe

8 Essential Style Tips To Boost Your Wardrobe

Have you ever flung open your closet doors only to find that your favorite clothes no longer excite you? We have too. That’s why we put together these 8 tips that will help you give your wardrobe a face-lift.

1. The Must-Have White Fitted Shirt 

Move over LBD! The white fitted shirt is the essential item in any woman’s wardrobe. More versatile than anything else in your closet, this reliable wing-woman will look chic with literally everything you own. Pair a white tee with a vibrant mini skirt and pumps for a played-down party vibe or wear a white button-down with biker shorts for the perfect weekend look.

2. Layer Like a Boss

Combining the right layers can take any outfit from flat to fab. Mixing and matching unique textures is essential to layering. That white shirt we mentioned earlier would look so bomb under a satin slip dress! Likewise, we imagine you turning heads with sheer stockings or fishnets under distressed denim shorts at a casual lunch date.

3. Elevate Any Fit with a Scarf 

Each fall when the weather winds down, ‘tis the SZN to be a truly bundled queen. While it’s difficult to switch from one seasonal wardrobe to another, remember that you can fall back on the basics and elevate a simple look with a luxurious scarf. Take advantage of the slow descent into cooler temperatures to drape a scarf around a casual ensemble like leggings and a printed tee. 

4. Accessory to Fashion

Consider accessorizing with at least one statement piece.

If you’re new to accessories, start with these key items: a pair of classic shades, a chic leather purse, and a pair of stellar kicks. The sunglasses should be a shape that flatters your face and the shoes should be comfortable while matching. Pick a wide pump that distributes your weight evenly or even go for a pair of covetable chunky sneakers.

5. Pick Colors for Your Skin Tone 

Is your closet swimming in cool colors like ocean blue and seafoam green? Or, is it dominated by bold reds and mustard yellows? Likely, you repeatedly reach for the same colors because they look better on your unique complexion.

Generally, women with cool complexions are flattered by monochrome and cool colors. Try prioritizing blacks, grays, whites, and blues in your wardrobe, if you’re not already. For queens with warmer or darker skin tones, consider how fire you’d be in hues of gold, yellow, brown, and red.

6. Mix Prints and Patterns All Day 

Spruce things up with patterns! Plaid, floral, stripes—even tie-dye—can revive any closet.

Have even more fun by mixing and matching fun prints and patterns. But make sure to choose articles that complement each other. For example, you might combine the boldness of a plaid jumpsuit with an impossibly playful printed headscarf.

It’s important to remember the rule of two: fashion advice dictates the maximum number of prints and patterns you can match is two.

7. Shop Your Shape

To show off only what you’re proud of, try balancing your top and bottom. For example, match a loose-fitting top with hip-hugging pants. Oppositely, match wide-leg pants or a long skirt with a cute crop or shapely shirt. Identify your natural shape. Love it. Accentuate it.

8. Capsule Wardrobe

Consider a capsule wardrobe as a way to keep up with the latest style tips.

Keep the staples front and center in your closet so you can reach for them without even thinking and know that you’ll look amazing for the day. Eventually, you can start experimenting with statement pieces, additional accessories, and beyond—until you’re back to being a fashionista goddess!

We recommend starting with the following items for a successful capsule: form-fitting jeans, a classic blazer or leather jacket, shirts and pants in versatile neutral colors, and (of course) a little black dress. Expand from there and pre-plan a few ways to mix and match these basics.


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