Exclusive Behind The Scenes Look At Our V-Day Photoshoot

Nova News01.26.21
VDay Behind The Scenes

It’s the sexiest day of the year! We’ve got an exclusive behind the scenes look at our Valentine’s Day Editorial shoot featuring our gorgeous models. Get to know them better as they answer never-before-asked (cheeky!) questions, and enjoy these exclusive visuals to get you in the mood for lingerie shopping and V-Day with bae. If you’re single, don’t trip, because self-care and self-love are DEFINITELY on the table. Whether you’re having a Zoom Galentine’s with your besties or binge-watching romantic movies and shows solo with a drink and a face mask on (we also recommend busting out your favorite lingerie set to really feel yourself), you can have a GREAT V-Day too.

P.S. Some of our FN models are single and loving it. Peep Aslayy’s answer for a laugh!


Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Lingerie Sets Or One-Pieces: Lingerie sets

Fave Romantic Movie: “My favorite romantic movie would have to be The Notebook, hands down.” Who can relate?


Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Fave Romantic Movie: Begin Again

Ultimate Celeb Crush: “Brad Pitt, oh my god, I think he’s aged...I need a second.”

Ideal Valentine’s Day Gift: “A nice little diamond wouldn’t hurt.” Indeed!


Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Fave Romantic Movie: Sylvie's Love

Ideal Date: “My ideal date under normal circumstances would be to start off with a bite to eat, go to an escape room (I love escape rooms), and maybe end the night with a little competitive game of ping pong.” Sounds like goals!!!

Flowers, Chocolate, Or Jewelry? “Jewelry lasts longer. I hate flowers. Please don’t ever get me flowers.” Noted!


Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Dinner Made By Bae Or Takeout: "Takeout for sure. They never get it wrong."

Valentine's Or Galentine's: "Galentine's!"

Ideal Date: “My ideal date is February 31st. I love that date [because she’s not dating anyone right now].” We are LOLing!


Zodiac Sign: Leo

Red Or Black Lingerie: Red

Heels Or Slippers: Slippers

Ultimate Celeb Crush: “My ultimate celebrity crush is Zoe Kravitz. She’s fire and gorgeous and her mom is insanely gorgeous too.” We can’t help but agree.

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